Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I love about you... at 13!

I have a teenager!!!
What I love about you at thirteen:

I love...
  1. when you bring me food that you want to eat
  2. the faces you make when you don't like what I give you
  3. your smirk when I ask you for a kiss and you give me your head instead of your lips, but turn to lip kiss me with a huge grin 
  4. the smile that covers your whole face
  5. your giggle when you get into bed when you're tired
  6. the fact that you love when the girls cry... it makes you laugh
  7. watching you climb into bed or into the car without help
  8. when you feed yourself oatmeal in the morning (not scooping yet, but the spoon gets to your mouth and set nicely back in the bowl now)
  9. you throwing your braces and shoes at whoever is close when you want to leave
  10. the fact that it took you one day to at G & G's in the baby room to realize all you had to do was throw stuff at the door to get me to come get you!
  11. You drinking out of a cup (when I hold it)
  12. the head lean= hug me :)
  13. following around whoever has food
  14. climbing unto our bed to cuddle
  15. the way you "cookie monster" chips
  16. seeing you walking... still never tire of your ability to walk
  17. your "happy dance" never gets old
  18. how you'll grab the hand of a stranger to hold
  19. your awkward interruption of a conversation by just standing and staring... especially when it's a group of college guys!
  20. the fact that everyone knows you and random college students say "hi" to you wherever we go
  21. the way you seek attention from Belle now
  22. your smile when we pull into G & G's road
  23. holding the container of fries and eating out of it... you love your fries!
  24. morning Abby... it's the best part of your day... waking up!
  25. your look of pure joy when you get a "new" book (old book without all the duct tape holding it together) or a "new" toy that you haven't had in awhile because we couldn't find it
  26. your giggle when you hear your friends from St Rose singing on your talker
  27. the back up to sitting on anyone's lap
  28. holding my hand and walking...
...it turns out to be the little things in life that are often the biggest things in life and you remind me to be still... slow down... stop and smell the roses :)
Love you, my Abby girl!

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