Abby's Story

I've found perfection in a child the world would deem unworthy of life. Because Abby was diagnosed prenatally, a geneticist sat us down and recommended termination of my pregnancy when she was 21 wks gestation. At that time abortion was illegal after twenty wks in South Carolina, but living in the buckle of the "Bible belt" didn't slow the experts from pushing the abortion of a baby with a rare chromosome deletion. Admittedly, they had no idea what Abby would be like, but thought she was so far from perfection that she didn't deserve to live...

Maybe one doesn't look at Abby and see perfection at first glance, but after closer examination it is brilliantly clear. Her perfection is not just in being exactly who God created her to be (without mistake), but in who we are because she is in our lives. She is somehow that unique tool the Lord uses to perfect all those around her. No one can spend time with her and not be changed for the better. She leaves a lasting imprint in each life. She can touch places in the heart that we might not know existed, but ultimately she affects those around her in a way I never could by existing rather than any effort of her own...

She is forever accepting of everyone she meets. She passes no judgments on skin color, body size or style of clothing. Although she loves perfectly, her love is not cheap. She seems to see into the depths of the heart and discern how people feel about her. It may take a lot of time to obtain her affection, but once done, it is unmatched.

Abby is the poster child for the value of human life. I may mourn her struggles, but in her triumphs she teaches us many things. To name a few...

The beauty of simple things
Take time to stop and smell the roses
a smile is worth a thousand words
celebrate baby steps
patience inbuilt rather than injected
love is so much more than what you say... it's what you do
We weren't created to live alone... we need each other
God's ways are higher than ours
we may not see the "why's" in this life, yet He still has a plan
There is always a bigger picture... take a step back and look for it
Peace is a prized and rare commodity... enjoy the moments because they can be fleeting

Perfection is in who God is making us because of the life He chose to give us. Amazing how He can use the seemingly imperfect to make us more perfect.

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