Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You won't believe this... School in SC

After having Millie in the hospital, I've been debating on where to post updates.  I think I'll keep Millie's updates on CB and continue the rest of our family's here.  I posted on CB yesterday for prayer as the school situation looked pretty grim from what the staff at school expressed.  They seemed to portray their doubts on getting a shadow this late in the year at all.  After we were sent home on Monday from school, I was pretty discouraged.  I really had a tough day as there wasn't even time to write or call someone for support, but yesterday I put Abby in her bed as soon as Millie went down for a nap so I could enlist some support for prayer and encouragement.
Literally, I posted the need around noonish, and got a call around 3:30pm from the sped director in our district with a gal who might be interested.  She was unsure about the continence piece, but agreed to come out and meet us.  God sure has a sense of humor because Abby had her biggest blowout... EVER this morning!  I actually took her diaper off and it took over a dozen wipes to do so, wrapped up her PAJAMAS AND THE SHEETS from her bed and hauled it all to the trash!!!   Our house reeked!  I threw her in the tub as Belle sprayed some odor absorb in the air and prayed Millie wouldn't wake up before I could get Abby cleaned up & fed before the gal came over to have her first interaction be Abby's worst.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to hide Abby's need for diapering because she already knows about it; but I sure didn't want her to witness the worst one ever as she walked in the door!!!  It turns out that she got lost coming to our house... YAY!!!  I got Abby clean, dressed, hair done and fed just as Millie was waking up to eat.  I even got Millie fed and was just finishing up as Belle answered the doorbell!!!

She was super sweet and it seems like a good fit.  If anything she might be a bit soft and we'll pray that she can handle Abby, but that is WAY better than worrying if she'd be harsh with her.  She has worked with kids with special needs as a shadow, so she's not new which is promising :)  It also happens that she lives between us and the school and is willing to take the bus with her.  The school basically said no one would probably do the bus so we should plan to coordinate transportation.  They would look for someone, but it would likely be a deal breaker if we required it.  The school is less than 10 min away, so I wasn't worried.

We're literally 10-15 min from everything here.  I did enjoy living in the country, but it is nice to be five minutes from the grocery store :)  It's not a done deal, obviously.  We'll have to pray that she gets used to Abby and can figure her out, or have the patience to endure until she does.  Still super encouraged to see God work so quickly!  I didn't doubt He'd work something out, but I was dreading what He might be trying to teach me in the process of waiting...

His timing is funny.... Millie has a neurology appointment tomorrow and I was trying to figure out what it looked like to have all four of them in the office with me...

The gal left the house, and within a few minutes I got a text from another gal I've been corresponding with online from church, a nursing student, who may be able to work an evening or two during the week.  She apologized for the short notice, but wondered if she could come by and meet us today :)  She cannot do Saturdays, but it just so happens that we found another gal online who is only available on Saturdays, but can do short notice care too if needed.  She is a Liberty graduate (Where Andy and I graduated from) in education!

I Just visited with the gal from our church and she is not only delightful, but has worked in children's mental health in a residential setting.  Translation is that she has worked with kids who cannot make it in their home setting, which means pretty tough kiddos for the most part.  She can start tomorrow!!!!

This was on Millie's diaper after church :)


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  2. oh how wonderful! so happy for these encouraging providences.


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