Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Her hat falls over her eyes and she reaches up to push it back into place (She feels it)
She sings all morning as I get her dressed
I pull out her braces and like a robot she lifts her foot to meet it
I set her spoon full of oatmeal against her bowl on the left side so she can lift it to her mouth and set it down... it's the only time she carefully places her silverware back in the bowl and not on the floor or across the room :)
These tidbits are for those of you who have been asking me if she's progressing :)  Yes, she is... slow and barely noticeable to some but huge for us!
Anyone have any suggestion why her face gets
so red?  I think it's heightened stress, but that theory
hasn't been very consistent

She will sit and play for a bit... she's so stinking cute!

Awww... I don't tire of these morning routines because they remind me where we are.  We're nowhere practically, yet somehow I feel like we're light years ahead.  Abby is the happiest morning gal I've ever seen and with me not being such a morning person, she lights up my day!  She cannot self care, but she's happy and often down right pleasant.  Our "problems" now are wondering if she's too loud during church or if her constant pacing (along with an occasional hair pull to the visitor in the back row will be distracting?

So, how do you do church?  While they're young you hang with the other moms because they're little and it almost appears similar, but as they grow things change.  People have a lot less tolerance for a small adult who can't feel like you and I do and grabs too hard.  She may tug your hair or slap instead of tapping to get your attention. Her noises aren't "coo like" but can wake the neighbors.  That cute little girl with the glasses isn't as cute to everyone anymore.  They sweet smiles have been replaced with people parting like the Red Sea or jumping out of the way.  If they dare come close there's always a comment about her "getting" them.  She actually wants your attention like a real human being.  I hear Horton Hears A Who in my head all the time and especially whenever someone is talking to us without acknowledging her...


Sure, she wants all of your attention.  God forbid if you want to have a conversation with us :)  She's just bigger than a typical demanding two year old which can be confusing to most, and in her own way is demanding you notice her.  It's hard for us because we want her to be acknowledged and we see her light up when she is, but she also needs to learn to not be the center of attention too.  This is hard for a child who requires constant supervision. She must have someone with her at all times for her safety and everyone else's.  When no one is working, one of us has to have her in sight and within reach until she is put in her bed at night.

If you stop by my place you're likely to see a much different place with a lot less clutter.  Abby de-cluttered my house, and in doing so calmed her mom who hated it to begin with.  She is tossing everything!  From the glasses in the cupboards to any paper she can get her hands on.  She even smashed the glass out of a picture on the wall.  It's really a shame in some ways because she so loves people now, but there are few places we can take her because she will destroy them!

We've even been rearranging the house to accommodate more gates.  I've been perusing pinterest for creative permanent gate options.  The flimsy plastic ones just aren't cutting it, and my "in-house" carpenter has skills now :)  It's hard to gate her anywhere because she wants to be by the action.  She used to like to just sit at my feet while I make dinner, but now she throws my stuff across the room.  Of course we're working on discipline as we make her pick stuff up, but that is more exhausting for the caregiver than anything.  PCA nights do this better than we do because half the time I don't notice all the stuff she's thrown as I try to throw a load of clothes on quick while she's reading a book and miss the thirty seconds where she redecorated the room!

She's so sweet that she's likely to put her head on you or her face close to gain your affection.  She is less likely to be aggressive unless she is fighting for attention.  She's such a more loving gal now.  She backs up onto my lap like a bus with it's beeper on.  She's so slow and methodical when she's having to focus on getting onto my lap.  We can't help make the sound like a bus: Beep, Beep, Beep as she inches backward.  It's adorable when she does it to one of her sisters or even a visitor.  We just say she's a Saint Bernard who thinks she's a lap dog.  It's even cuter when she wants to curl up in my arms if she's sick or tired.  She lifts her legs and wants to be curled up like a baby.  It's quite adorable and humorous at the same time.  She will walk up to perfect strangers or people she's never interacted with and give a high five or turn her hand around for you to squeeze it.  She likes her hand squeezed from the back or her fingers pinched... sort of.  Ask one of her sisters.  They know how to do it.  I often do it to them as it is second nature for me to squeeze a hand like Abby needs.  They just roll their eyes and say, "Mom, I'm not Abby."
I was looking for a pic of Abby doing what her friend
Jud is doing here, but thought this was so cute
that I had to put it up :)  He's cuddling with my cousin
Michelle... how sweet!

The moral in this story is to ask you to give Abby grace and notice her... as I'm working to give you grace when you don't.  

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  1. Oliver gets red cheeks randomly, too. I can't figure out what the trigger might be, either.


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