Wednesday, November 30, 2011

another diagnosis...

My sweet girl went for a check-up yesterday.  I was mostly interested in showing off my happy girl and wanted his opinion on who we should see now that he is leaving.  He's one of  the best doctors of all time that we've seen!  Sure,  I had a few random concerns in the back of my head that I compile for when we do visit, but Abby needed her asthma check up plan renewed for insurance reasons and I really wanted to get his reccommendation before he left.  I secretly was pleased to show him Happy Abby, as well :)  He's walked with us the past seven years and he deserved to see my sweetie, all smiles and giggles... She didn't disappoint! 

What we got was a surprise diagnosis...

Her symptoms were so random we thought, but the occurances have been increasing at an alarming rate to more than once a week in the past few months.  She's so stinking happy and sweet for the most part that it was hard to explain.  It is like flipping a light switch.  Out of nowhere, she will start making faces like she's super unhappy or in pain.  She looks absolutely pathetic and miserable.  This is more often than not followed by vomiting unless she gets to bed right away (a problem if we're not at home).  We have a short window and it usually occurs in the evening, so we've just resorted to making sure she's home by six, preferrable five, at the latest.  If we're home than all is well as she goes to sleep and wakes 12 to 14 hours later... perfectly fine.  We've asked the doctors about the vomiting for years, but they just said kids like Abby do weird stuff... thanks, like we didn't know that!  It's always been annoying to have to clean up all the vomit, but she seems so miserable that is is frustrating to not be able to do anything.  I was just looking for some more Zofran to stop the vomiting.  I thought it was mostly stomach upset and maybe that would help.

just needs to be in her bed
sleeps it off
car sickness

= migraines

I don't know how we never put it all together.  We've often wondered about them because Andy gets them so bad, but didn't think too much on them because "one always rubs ones head when a headache presents," right?

not Abby.  She's never indicated any sort of pain or hurt by grabbing the area.  She just gets agitated, grabby, vomits and wants to be left alone to sleep.

We're charting for triggers, but pretty sure it's stress.  She responds to stuff so untypically that it's hard to know.  I was telling the doc that she couldn't go anywhere after school during the week or after church on sunday. We've been getting her bathed and ready for bed by six and that seems to help, but really I just thought it was overload, which it probably is, but she responds with a migraine. 

Poor honey...

I'll be sad this week (because that's what I do)
Andy will do research (because that's what he does)
We'll feel sorry for her (probably some tears)
We'll feel sorry for us (and hate ourselves for being so self absorbed when she's the one in pain)
Like healthy people :)
We'll come up with a plan and start trying some meds unless a trigger emerges

"It's okay to cry... as long as you stop"


  1. well, praise God for a wise doctor! we all miss things - you're not alone in that. you did a good thing bringing all of the symptoms to the doc. hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. I agree with the complimentary statement of your doctor. How fortunate you are that he listened and pieced together Abby's non-verbal signs. I often think that is the MOST difficult part of parenting a mostly non-verbal child...the attempts to figure out what is going on that is causing them pain. I remember with Deak, a few years ago, I felt like something was "off" for a while and finally decided to take him in. Once I did, we discovered his liver enzymes were ten times the normal limit, dangerously (as in death) high.
    I had no clue.
    Now, you can help her.:) Thinking of you guys...

  3. I agree with Jenny about how hard it is to know what's wrong with a non-verbal (or at least limitedly verbal) child and to feel completely helpless in the matter :(

    We also have this unfortunate diagnosis, though it wasn't so much a surprise to us, and I actually sought the doctor out for it, since I had my first migraine at four and Steve at seven... we knew our daughter had no chance, especially when she was showing symptoms.

    They wanted to start Em on a seizure med that is also used to treat migraines in young children, but we've decided to hold off on the preventive care until she's older and only treat them when they happen for now. She really only gets them about once or twice a month at most.

    I am sorry that Abby has had to deal with this without a way to let you know. Breaks my heart actually :( Thinking of you and hoping you come up with a effective plan!


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