Sunday, October 2, 2011

2nd Annual Apple Picking With The Tanners!

maryalice carrying the empty basket... she didn't want
any help

the picking was a bit lean this year
Andy had to put belle on his shoulders just to get some bigger ones

mama's girl

family pic... you might see this one again...Christmas
This time of year is beautiful!!!!  I love going to Bayfield to pick apples.  My dad got me into it the first year I moved back as he took me and Belle.  We went last year with the Tanners and had so much fun we had to go again this year!  It is such a great day and we were gifted with beautiful weather for the second year in a row.  We make a point to miss the annual applefest that is held there.  We made the mistake of going the week after applefest last year and found a lot of apple orchards closed because they were sold out.  This year we wised up and went the week before.  We really like the Hauser orchard because they also make their own wine which is a bonus and it is family friendly with a playset and hayride to boot!  We also hit the Blue Vista orchard as their stuff is more organic than the others and they have the best cider around!  

Our dear friends, The Tanners
 After picking we like to walk around town and down by the water while grabbing lunch somewhere.  I would have to say we have yet to find a great eating place, but the best I can say about the two we've tried is that we left full.  The pier is so pretty!  I also enjoy the walk around town.  We usually hit a shop or two, but that seems to be it with all the kids.
the pumpkins were huge!

Just hanging out


have to get another pic of her talking to the monkey again
this year!

mama's big girl
Abby hasn't been a fan yet, but we are diligently trying to win her over.  Maybe next year we'll have the whole "car sick thing" under control.  So far we've tried to knock her out with straight Dramamine, but she was just out of it and cranky last year.  This year we thought the less drowsy version would do the trick, but no luck.  She wasn't as sleepy and cranky, but not happy or herself either.  I'd love some tips from anyone who has car sickness.  I've also tried zofran & essential oils.  She got pretty happy on the way home, though and no puke was a definite plus.  We just would've liked for her to enjoy her time a bit more.

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