Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GA 2011

We drive straight through, so sleeping in the car
can be funny!

Kate, Aunt Tara & Michael with MaryAlice

Baby burrito

Abby playing with her big cousin Blake

Chad even stopped by for a visit

Uncle Myron, Brooklyn, Dylan & Belle

MaryAlice was a swimming fish!

Belle would've been happy to never leave the pool!

Belle swimming with her cousin Brooklyn

All the swimming tired my girl out!

Still Abby's favorite is to dump water over her head

Modeling her new suit

The girls cuddling with Dylan

happy in the water!

Aunt Tara & Michael with MA

Uncle Myron takes a turn on the floor playing Abby's xylophone

Uncle William and Aunt Sandra stopped by for a visit
MA decided she liked Uncle William :)

Off the diving board
Our trip to GA this summer was a bit unplanned and kamakazie, but ended up being a great trip!  We spent every day packed with family.  It was hard to fit all of our visiting in a week, but it made for an action packed time which we all enjoyed!

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  1. That first picture is awesome! Looks like a fun trip, glad you all had fun!


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