Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Boyfriend

After fifteen years of marriage I decided to publish who I see him as rather than let a card try to say it...

  • I loved the "boy" man I married on July 13, 1996 but love and respect even more the man he is today
  • I love the man of integrity he is... even under fire
  • I love that he loves God first and foremost... than me.  I don't compete with my girls for his affections, but love them together
  • He can see the bigger picture of God's name as more worthy of being protected rather than his own
  • His discernment in people and situations amazingly accurate and obviously God given
  • For such a talker, he truly knows when to talk and when to keep quiet
  • He constantly pushes me to forgiveness rather than develop bitterness 
  • He loves and assumes the best rather than the reality I'm looking at
  • He's quick to apologize and slow to accuse
  • He's the patient father to three unique girls with incomparable differences, and always pursues what is best for them
  • He's been called to the task of raising the impossibly unpredictable child who will never leave the nest, but does so with enormous grace and strength
  • He's shouldered our responsibilities often in quiet frustration
  • He knows his own weaknesses and works diligently on them rather than pretending they don't exist
  • He seeks the company of like-minded men to grow and be accountable to
  • He studies and is pliable as the Holy Spirit leads
  • He adores me in a way that makes me want to be the woman he sees in me
  • He's loyal and protective
  • His leadership is of the rarest bread  for which I can totally trust his heart... always 
To all who have had the privilege to call him friend know these statements as truths.  I am especially blessed today to celebrate fifteen years of marriage to my college sweetheart.  When all around us may seem to be crumbling, When who we are at the core is being challenged... we'll still have us... and we like us :)  
I love you Andy!  
Thank you for sharing your life with me...  
 for being my friend and confidant.
 For not letting me grow stagnant in who I am, but striving to be all that God intends me to be
You're an amazing man and I am blessed to be your other half!
To fifteen years of laughter and tears, mountains and valleys, yet by the grace of God our love remains
Your biggest fan and the love of your life,


  1. How beautifully written! It sounds like 4 lucky ladies have the most perfect version of a man in their lives. And I'm sure he feels blessed as well!

  2. Yea he is a cool guy I like him also. I hope that someday my wife appreciates me the way you appreciate your "boy" ;) Love you buckets! -your brother


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