Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple picking in Bayfield

The Whole family!

 Oh no I'm not crazy enough to go there during the Bayfield Apple Festival!  For those of you who really know me, any festival or other large gathering of people is more Andy's idea of a good day than mine; thus, we went a week early!  We went with good friends (family by now) and had a whole lot of fun!  Belle and MaryAlice were in seventh heaven.    

Some highlights of the day were: 
"MaryAlice just spit out her burger!" Ian exclaimed.  To which she replied without skipping a beat, "You be quiet."

MaryAlice had a bite out of every apple she found on the tree or the ground.  Did I fail to mention she loves apples!  She carried one or two apples around all day.  The only way they were let go was if they were exchanged for a better one.  I was afraid my whole basket would be full of half bit apples. 

Daddy and MA with her cheese smile

Daddy and his Belle

Abby resisting the love

some cheese for mom too!
 MaryAlice had at least a 5 minute conversation with this monkey statue!  She talked and talked to him!  It was hysterical to say the least!

The Tanners

"Hi cutie, what's your name?" asked to MaryAlice by many people throughout the day.  "I'm Aiya. Nice to meet you." she says. 

Puzzled look to follow.  "Yes, it's you heard right, it's Aiya." 

Fake half smile.

"She's the cutest girl in the whole world," Ian told a man who was trying to visit with MaryAlice.

MaryAlice loving on Miss Terri

Terri and Ian striking a pose

Abby not posing, but Danielle is!

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