Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sick abby is sad, but sooo cuddly

When Abby is sick she is so pitiful because she has to do the whole breathing treatment thing, but there's such a silver lining with her... cuddling.  If you knew Abby when she was a baby she was super cuddly.  We didn't quite understand that all her "unsquirminess" (is that even a real word or did I just make it up) wasn't necessarily because she liked to be close, but because she lacked the strength to move.    About a week ago she seemed to be coming down with something, so we kept her home and started the nebs and such.  She fell asleep on Ethel around 10:30, so you know she's not feeling right.  I started gearing up for sickness with Abby.  I called in all the refills on the breathing treatments and such so we would be prepared.  See, when Abby gets sick (even a "little" bug) we're usually only moments away from some time in the hospital because she can't kick the crap out of her lungs like typical kids.  Mentally and emotionally I get prepared for a tough couple weeks at least.  

The next morning I had told Ethel to come whenever she wanted because we've both been here before and knew we'd be at the house for awhile.  I had given her a breathing treatment that night amidst coughing and such knowing what was coming, but incredibly she woke up the next morning ready to go!  She was all smiles, "talking" (noisey for those who don't know she's completely nonverbal, and pulling up on her bed to go.  Ethel let her out of her bed and she went straight to the closet.  And that was that.  She's had a bit of a cough but that's it.  Wow!  Maybe she's getting stronger!  

Had to share her sweetness with you...

You will also see why we are so blessed by the people who "work" with Abby.  They do so much more than work with her; they become part of our family.  God doesn't make mistakes.  Abby affects people in ways I never could.  She's amazing just the way she is.  It's hard to imagine the Lord actually sees us the same way... perfect exactly the way we are.  Most don't look at her and see
 perfection, but if you were to see how she changes those who are in her life you'd see she is just that...


  1. I agree whole heartedly with the "perfect" comment! My Em is the same way with the effect she has on people. Just love that about these wonderful kids and how much we can learn from them!

    Glad she's all better!!

  2. That's great nes that she's healing faster. Graham doesn't require breathing treatments, but when he gets sick...it can take weeks before he isn't all full of mucous. It takes him forever to clear it from his system. After he has a cold for my=ore than a week or two, they give him a steroid syrup for 3 days and it clears him up!

    By the way, Graham is 2.5 yrs and has 18q-. Nice to "meet" you.


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