Monday, December 7, 2009

stepping back

Our little "Angel of Death"

My perspective changes when I have someone to rehash the day with. Last night was such a great way to start a new week! Last week sucked a few years of life off of me, but the best part is it's over. I Love Mondays because I come home to a clean house (thanks to one of my girlfriends) just in time to put the babies down for a nap. I typically get a short nap in or a project of some sorts done, but no matter what I just feel better to know things are clean. Today is just bundling up (someone is here to work on the furnace) and spitting some emotions out...

After the chaos of the week with Andy coming home to no heat after his own long week we put the kids in the nursery, slid into the back row at church, and I think we both could've laid right there in the pew and slept! Thankfully we didn't because we would've missed out on what God had for us. Along with a challenging service the highlight was the baptismal service afterward. I love to hear other people's testimonies in general, but three were good friends and it was such a blessing to share that moment with them. Hearing someones heart definitely changes everyone! Andy videotaped the baptism. He was worried that the sound wouldn't come through very well, so he just put it on and soon we were both in tears as one little (9 yr old) girl gave her testimony of faith and surprised even her parents with her desire to be baptized. Having kids of our own makes this kind of thing so very special.

I guess I can get so caught up in surviving that I can often miss the bigger picture going on around me. We often make big decisions in life based on the bigger picture, but when we're actually doing life we can get so overwhelmed that we forget the one who set our path. "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it."

Loose wire... our furnace is running! PTL!

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