Sunday, November 8, 2009

tore up the carpet

We've been so sick around here that we've barely left the house and it's going on three weeks. The flu a host of other stuff has kicked our butts! Andy was gone last week when the second round hit me. I finally broke down and saw the dr. on Friday to find out I had a sinus infection. After I started antibiotics it turns out it started breaking up my chest too!

In the midst of too much time at home, we started some home projects that have been needing to be done. It's tough to start something you know you won't be able to finish, but if you don't start it you know you might never do it. So all that to say that Andy tore out the island in the kitchen to open it up. We're planning for a bigger island and bar area just out in the middle of the mostly wasted area between the kitchen and dining area. The hole in the floor is covered partially by a rug for now. We're not wanting ot fix it because we're deciding on a cabinet for that are and the island area before we patch it or remove it altogther. It turns out there are hardwoods under the laminate flooring so that is a possibility too. Andy also added some shoe shelving and we're planning some more hooks along the one wall where the bench was. the bench as moved to the other wall, the buffet is an acting island and the table is against the far wall. it is a much better use of the space. Not anywhere near finished, but functional until we decide what to do next. Andy also put up a pole downstairs for all the not regularly used coats and snowgear. that whole area downstairs opposite the playroom is going to be a big storage area. We're talking about how it should look, but after a little elbow grease it could really be awesome!

Abby pooped on the floor again and after cleaning up vomit twice yesterday from Rasheeda I had enough of our carpet! Abby throws up regularly for no apparent reason and explosive pooping is her specialty with no end in site; not to mention our little friend who has been a puking machine since she came into our house. I'm convinced she has malabsorbtion issues that stem from being malnurished as a baby or just a tendency to vomit due to her developmental delays like her doctor says. Whatever the cause or reason it is just a fact that she and Abby will vomit and/or explode on a regular basis and carpet just doesn't clean up enough for me. A dear friend has actually left her carpet cleaner at my house since i've used it so much!

After the babies went down for naps I was getting ready to pull out the vaccuum and carpet cleaner when I told Andy my wooes over tring in vain to clean, and to my surprise he echoed my angst and started to rip up carpet. To our delight there are hardwoods underneath! They are old and not in great shape, but refinishing them should help and we like the character flaws. I don't want them too neat or they will show our wear long before we want. I like a house to look lived in and inviting, so they fit right in. We'll probably keep them as is for a bit until we decide if we want to knock out a wall or move the stairs so we can actually use them., but that's a whole different project... maybe next week! he! he!

We've been saying we need to exercise and This might qualify for us. Andy is good at projects and it's fun to DIY!!!

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