Wednesday, November 11, 2009

just haning close to home

Just hanging close to home. We've rediscovered the swing. The babies love it and it's making Abby nauseated... unexpected outcome... more than one reason to take out the carpet! If the swing wasn't enough fun the pots and pans drawer is also a huge hit.
I will be so happy to get out of the house again. The kids are cranky. their noses run and the whining even put Ms Ethel over the edge today. When she's telling them to hush you know it's bad. Trying a variety of discipline strategies to get the whining and meaness under control. I feel like a general with all the correcting. I just want to love on them, but I know that part of loving is teaching so I press on. They are so little and all want mom's attention... all the time. It seems like someone is crying or at last whining at my ankles most of the day. I need to be more disciplined with scheduling and not tolerating so much, but my own sickness has compromised my will to be consistent. We'll get on track... soon.
Abby's been home again today with some kind of crud. I don't know if it's just breathing problems or a bug, but whatever it is it isn't nice. she is so unhappy. I think she's unhappy to be sick and mad to be home. she won't even sit for breathing treatments without hitting, scratching and biting or kicking if she's restrained!
I should be sleeping, but I can't seem to turn my head off. I don't want to go to sleep because six a.m. comes too soon and I have to start this crazy all over again...alone. It's been one of those weeks where even the good child is wearing on my last nerve. She's decided to test me when I'm already on a shorter fuse. I've decided on a new morning routine for her. Reward or punishment... you decide. I don't want to spend my quiet mornings alone with her fussing, so we'll see how it goes. I thought going in to school late would speed up my "Pokey Little Puppy", but it turns out she could care less and the school doesn't really get too worried unless we show up late consistently.
To top off my distress I was kept company by a mouse in my house this evening. It's probably the real reason I'm not asleep. I know it's normal, but I HATE MICE!

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  1. i feel your stress, girl! since seth has been gone it feels like all i am doing is yelling, yelling, yelling between the older four, and never getting a chance to just sit and cuddle and giggle. i'll be praying for you! thanks again for the honesty!


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