Wednesday, October 28, 2009

exceedingly abundantly more...

To my shame I sit surprised- no, floored- as God's provision of exceedingly abundantly more than I can ask or imagine. If you follow my blog (or you can go back and read them) you will see that we have been in tears so many times in the past few months in regards to Abby's school situation. In short we had to remove her from the public school and put her in a private Catholic school.

On a side note... In doing so we also enrolled Belle in the first grade to give her something of her own. She is such a mini adult in our family and needs to be a kid. She is doing fabulously and loving school! What a blessing! I miss her at home, but know we made the right decision for her.

Back to Abby... we have no doubt she's where she needs to be, but convincing the district was a whole different animal. After a ton of phone calls, emails and letters it was two months into school before we sat down to a conciliation meeting with the powers that be in the disctrict along with our social worker and legal advocate. After a few minutes explaining Abby's amazing transformation and a plea for district's help we sat like a deer in the headlights numb to the work the Lord had done and was doing before us. The legal advocate from the MN disability law center laid out a plan to enroll Abby at the public school and place her at the private school. In short they will have her on a full IEP (individual education plan) and pay for it all. They will pay for her para, transportation & tuition... unheard of. We've been praying for a solution, but had no idea what that would be. We joked that we didn't give God a plan. Usually I'm specific on our needs, but this time I had no ideas for Him. I'm sure that made if tough for Him to intervene :). It appears once again that His ways are higher than ours. Praise the Lord that He didn't go with what we wanted... He did more! WOW!

Exceedingly Abundantly more than we could ask or imagine...

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