Saturday, October 17, 2009


Perspective is one of those wonderful words that reminds me to stop and let the smoke clear so I can appreciate the beauty of the moments and not get too caught up in the process. It's funny how I often can see the bigger picture or somehow grasp the greater picture going on around me, yet I can get so caught up in the mountains surrounding me that I don't realize I just need to lift my head because i'm lying on my stomach and those mountains aren't really mountians at all, but mounds of dirt. I can overcome those mounds easier if I would simply rise to my feet. It is then that I realize my world of mountains is really just piles of dirt. I can see.

Someone always has it worse and someone always has it better. I typically don't find that statment comforting at all, even though I hear it quoted a lot. When I'm going through a tragedy I don't really want to bypass my sorrow because someone else has greater sorrows. Although, on a different note, it does help me to look for others in need when I'm in the midst of pain because it takes the focus off myself, and that always helps.

One of the college guys in our small group was just diagnosed with incurable, inoperable brain tumor. One day he's going to college with his whole life in front of him, and now he is measuring the rest of his life. I don't fear death, but I fear leaving those behind that I love. Mike will leave the single mom who raised him alone. I ache for Mike, but also for his mom. I know there are pains on this earth, but being witness to ones like this breaks my human heart. God is the great comforter and it is amazing to see the peace Mike has in the midst of the storm. I hate for things like this to happen, but God will receive glory in this kid's life whether he decides to heal him on earth or in Heaven, I have no doubt. That's really what it's all about.


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