Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sometimes more than I can handle...
  • going through 20 diapers a day
  • fixing & spoon feeding 16 meals a day (unless I'm clever enough for finger food meals)
  • brushing and fixing 3 heads of hair
  • bathing and dressing four kids
  • 4 breathing treatments a day
  • a room full of toys with the only one who can clean-up is the only one who didn't make any of the mess
  • one of five who can care for herself
  • the stench of diapers past even if they're out of the house in minutes
  • administering at least nine medications a day
  • washing only one load of laundry per day (thanks to my husband's choice of large capacity)
  • scheduling and being present for at least two therapies a week
  • scheduling, preparing, delivering & picking up two kids from their visit to "mom"
  • taking classes on how to parent in order to keep our foster care license
  • arranging a sitter to buy groceries
  • cleaning up at eight so we can start fresh the next morning
  • three teethers
Why I keep it up...
  • two little arms around my neck
  • spontaneous "I love you"
  • kisses
  • a fight for mom's lap
  • another book and the backup into my lap
  • the bathtime squeal
  • patty cake
  • twinkle twinkle with little hands that barely open and shut
  • walking around the house like a baby fawn at 8
  • happy dance
  • overhearing "I love you.. you love me... we're a happy family" coming from the other room
  • watching cars out the window
  • first snow excitement
  • spying mom around the corner smiles
  • peek-a-boo
  • new walkers
  • party ponies
  • loving babies
  • loving each other
  • ice cream faces
  • baby talk
  • cheesy camera grins
  • little faces covered in little hats
  • climbing onto the couch and sliding off
  • jumping head first into the "red chair"
  • 1-2-3 GO! races from my arms to a nose dive into the chair and back... over & over & over
  • matching outfits (tops & bottoms... not more than one kid- get real)
  • PJ's all day
  • cupcakes
  • pooping in the toilet
  • big onesies... from Europe
  • Veggie Tales (silly songs)
  • Grandpa & Grandma, Aunts & Uncles
  • xyzlophone & guitar
  • being a part of their world

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  1. You're awesome! What an encouragement you are!


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