Tuesday, March 3, 2009

two little lives

It's amazing how two little lives can change ours in just a few moments. All the training in the world couldn't have prepared us for what would take place in our hearts and our home when we picked up a 4 mo old girl and her 15 mo old brother.

We see awful things on TV but when they happen so close to home here where we have so much... it is heartbreaking. How can a child be so neglected and starving here? Have people just seen her and walked on by? Someone must have heard her cries, yet it took 4 months to act? How many times do we see something and choose not to get involved? I could sit on the sideline and choose not to get involved because of my favorite line from everyone, "I couldn't be a foster parent because I'd get too emotionally involved." Does your heart beat? Can you really look into those hurting eyes and say I won't help because it would be too hard on me? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying everyone is called to this and at least part of every day in the past two weeks I've wished that I wasn't and have wiped away the tears of my inadequacy.

We're not noble. We didn't pick the charity that would best suit us. We simply answered His call as do many folks every day. I'm humbled more each day with my inability, and strengthened by His ability. My pride in who I am or who I thought I was has be replaced with the reality that I am nothing without Him. I need Him. I need others. I'm not an island. I cannot do this alone... Humbling. Not a place I want to be, yet a place He wants me to be. I pray for the faith to stay here when I know I don't have to.


  1. did you get inside my head? you are not alone - we feel the exact same emotions and have the exact same thoughts often in all of these experiences...

    thanks for posting it. it's encouraging to know we have some of the same trials in this calling.

  2. I was waiting to read again...but I knew you had been sort of busy lately! ;) I love you sis!


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