Friday, December 5, 2008

take notice

My hope for you as you read this is not to sigh and feel sorry for us but to start noticing those around you in your world. You may not know their stories, but it's often painfully obvious when you see someone who is struggling.

I hope that as you see this mom's heart and our struggles that you will start to open your eyes and heart to those like us in your life. Maybe you won't just pity them from afar and walk away, but maybe you'll...
  • Wait a few seconds more to hold the door at the grocery store instead of looking awkwardly away
  • stop by with a meal instead of "call if you need something"
  • bring snacks to the hospital instead of flowers
  • invite that child to your birthday party instead of fearing what you don't know
  • take a risk and have the family over for dinner or a playdate
  • use your skills to help build a ramp or a special bed, sew clothing or a weighted blanket, install a swing etc. (you'd be amazed at the things we've "rigged")
  • talk normally
  • ask questions

Join their world... it may improve yours

You want to teach your children the value of human life or compassion for "the least of these?" Abby is the embodiment of these lessons. Spend some time with her and those like her. God has a plan for all of us... He doesn't make mistakes.

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