Monday, December 8, 2008

on my knees

Down on my knees again tonight processing all that this day held. I find myself in the only place I can be, with my God, in order to take it in. It's funny how on TV or in the movies the characters are so able to spit out their true feelings in an instant when it often takes me days, weeks or even months to work my way through. I guess I know that when I do get on my knees I'll have to face the realities that I'm not ofen ready for. I put myself in a position of vulnerability and I'm honest with the one who truly knows my hurts and is waiting patiently for me to lay them at His feet.

The tears flow not out of sadness, but a release of the adrenaline necessary to make it 3 hrs. away through x-rays, talk of surgeries yet to come, nursing an infant on the run, a walk to break up the driving, and a 4 1/2 hr trip home in slick roads with two fussy kids. Now it's time for the glass half empty or half full trial

Half Empty Half Full

A 2 1/2 hr drive to see a doctor I can't believe there are such amazing dr.'s in MN (we met a family that flew here from WA for treatments)

It's torture like to have Abby examined Thanks to Ethel she made it without losing it

2 kids in one car for 5 hrs Belle got to go to Auntie's & Ethel unexpectedly came along

Abby will have to have surgery Not yet

We took a break to the Mall of America We got to go to the mall of america

Our 2 1/2 hr ride home turned into a 4 1/2 We didn't slide into the ditch

We had a good day. I'm thankful it's over; we'll need a day or two to recover.
... It was a good day.

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