Friday, November 7, 2008

Gait Lab

Many of you have been asking about Abby's appt at the Gillette center. Here's a link to the lab that Abby went to last week. There is no question that only the Lord could've intervened to help her get through all they needed her to do for almost three hours to get what they needed to be able to analyze her walk to try to help her. Thanks for your prayers.

In case you didn't know Up until about a few months ago she had been walking independantly, but has been having trouble. We're on our third pair of foot braces to try to stabilize her, but they continue to bruise her feet. Her walk is getting progressively worse as she obviously is trying to compensate for the pain the braces are causing which adds to her host of already existing problems. After spending countless hours at the local Gillette clinic trying to adjust the braces and pools of tears from her and us, we're accepting the possibility that braces might not be a solution for her at least right now. She's almost quit walking any distance because of pain we assume since she is very angry when she fatigues after walking too much. I was trying to get her to walk upstairs about a week ago and she kept collapsing, but when I picked her up and carried her she quit hitting and flailing, grabbed my face to kiss me and giggled when I set her in her bed. Sometimes we need these kind of times to make us realize what's going on with her.

We've taken out the wheelchair much to our dismay in the past couple of weeks to keep her going. Keep us in your prayers as we will see an orthopedic surgeon in St. Paul on Dec. 8th to discuss options after he analyzes the gait lab results. Our preference would be to hold off surgery until she grows a bit more since growth after surgery causes a host of other problems, but we might be forced to deal with that option or see her back in a wheelchair on a more permanent basis.

It's amazing that this kind of technology can be used to help her and it's right here in MN. We had a orthopedic surgeon from Latvia observing our session as they are learning from Gillette.

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