Saturday, July 7, 2012

my want turned to a need... it didn't happen!!!!

I had my day all planned out today.  Allie was coming to be with Abby this morning which has been a rare occurrence this summer has I've been sick and our pca situation hasn't been what I had planned.  I don't want to add stress to these wonderful people who already give us so much, so we can handle it on our own, but we just can't get anything done or do anything extra without someone.  Anyways, I'm irritated but this is our life.  We rely on pca help so I can weed the garden while Andy fixes the car instead of one of us tag teaming it.  It's not the end of the world to live like this.  We've done it for over a decade now, but every now and then circumstances really get under my skin... expectations I suppose.

While this day we had someone coming, so I wanted to get into my garden and Andy wanted to tinker with car and get it cleaned up after that.  It was a perfect day to be outside and joyously exhausted myself weeding, thinning, and fertilizing.  I love to be in my garden!  I'm like my Dad and Grandpa that way.  There is something about coaxing edibles out of the ground!  I get excited just talking about it!  I need to spend more time on the research and perfect my craft, but somehow trial and error and a call to Dad are more my style!  Every year I make and improvement or two, but I try not to stress myself out about getting everything right.  Last year I planted my rows far enough apart so that I could till in between the rows to kill more weeds since I'm working on the organic vein.  That worked pretty well, but the borrowed tiller is moving on, so I tried putting my rows really close so that the plants will cover the walkway some and not let sunlight in.  not working so well yet, but maybe as the plants get bigger it will pay off.

...intermission for a diaper change.... If you want to pray for something for us, pray for potty training!  That was the second dirty I've changed today and she has a rash :(  Poor honey.  Yawning... Zofran... hopefully no vomit tonight.... back to earlier today (a few hours ago)

I grilled a great meal, I must so humbly admit :) complete with dessert, which is a rarity in our home.  I saw a recipe for a grilled banana s'more and I've decided not to pin anything on pinterest unless I plan to make :)  So... I made it, and it was delicious!
After dinner I wanted to pile the kids in the van and go for a ride to vacuum out the van I had emptied earlier.  Abby loves a ride and the vacuum, so it was a splendid plan!  It was going to be SO MUCH FUN! I know what you're thinking here, and yes, we are easily amused which is why we have SO MUCH FUN doing random stuff!  We're simple and we like it that way!!!

... I went upstairs to get Abby because she escaped... I had to half drag her back down telling her all the way how much fun this would be... She doth protest! (I have a few nail blood draws to prove it)
 I got her down, put her sandals on and realized I forgot to load my change purse.  I quickly ran up to grab some change and came down to Andy opening the door over a pile of...
I thought for a moment, in between the silent expletives of course, I should be proud of the mental process it took for her to open the cupboard, pull out the LAST jar of her favorite HOMEMADE applesauce and... toss it down the stairs busting the jar and splattering it EVERYWHERE!  She was giggling which kept me sane... for a moment!  She was proud of her find!
To top it off Andy seemed irritated at me and closed the door over the pile pushing it onto the threshold and under the door!!!!  I pulled Abby away from the door much to her dismay as SHE WANTED THAT APPLESAUCE!  She didn't get that it was trash now and there was none left.  I cleaned it up muttering the whole time and went to pull Abby back up when she started crying.... 
COME ON!!! SERIOUSLY?  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN NIGHT AND YOU'RE RUINING IT!  Next came the yawning which equals vomit precursor :( 
Change of plans... I run the change purse out to an impatient man who shared my frustration as our want to clean the van turned into a need and someone was going to pay for screwing this night up!!!!!  DANG IT!  Jammies on, meds in, blanket down to catch vomit if it comes and I wander back downstairs to clean up...

I close with a quote from my naked baby who hands me a piece of paper and proceeds to interpret her design.  Please join me in the hilarity as she is stripping while she does a happy dance because she gets to take a bath and she sings, "That paper says 'You're beautiful and wonderful and I love you because you're my mom!'"  It's the simple things in life :)


  1. Is it wrong that I laughed out loud this entire blog? I'm messed up.

  2. You just get my humor that's all :)


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