Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a hospital stay, a flood & an olive branch

A hospital stay...
The only ones who seemed surprised that I was admitted to the hospital on Friday was me and Andy.  The ER doc came in as the nurse was on her second poke to get an IV going and without examining me said she had called upstairs and they were getting a room ready for me.  They gave me pain meds, nausea meds and I was a pretty grateful gal. The several days were a blur of drug induced sleep in between a round of "golightly" (who named it that? it should be called "goviolently") coupled with humiliation (you can fill in the blanks), more vomiting and finally my first real meal in nearly five days.  This is funny... the hospital's idea of a gluten/dairy free first meal?  A banana (not bad), a bowl of rice chex (ok) and a glass of non-dairy creamer (you've got to be kidding me).  Some online bloggers have filled me in on the normalcy of these visits... yuk!  I'm still "recovering", but my body typically goes from one infection to another and I've been mostly wiped out!  Annoying when it's summer and all I want to do is be outside in the lake or my hands in the dirt! 

Even though this may be others normal and all the experts say that diet doesn't matter, I'm going with the fact that I haven't been hospitalized in the five years since my initial diagnosis to say that diet DOES matter and see if we can make it another 1/2 a decade or so before another visit!  The doctors and nurses were great at Essentia, but the accommodations & food left a lot to be desired.  I've debated on trading hospitals, but I think I'm stuck on the professional care over roommates?  Sure, it's not conducive to visitors, but I wasn't exactly "taking visitors" to hang out for most of my stay :)... although I deeply appreciated the ones I was awake to see :)

A flood...
I was released on Tuesday evening still feeling pretty rough, but ready to get into my own bed.  I slept like a rock through one of the roughest storms we've had in our area and woke to water pouring into our basement.  Andy spent the morning along with friends trying to stop the water from ruining everything in our basement, but still lost most of it.  Sure, if you've been down there you'd know it needed a cleaning... and it got it!  No one could drive out here to help with Abby or the other girls because many roads were closed and other homes filling with water. 

...I took a pain pill and went back to bed!   I was looking for the "nurse call" button more than once that day, but we survived as the girls played and I awoke to a lovely visit from a friend who brought over some gifts to keep the girls busy and a pump to continue sucking the water out as soon as it came in.  Shortly after that friend left, two more showed up to help out and they proceeded to help clean up the upstairs to make room for what could be salvaged from the basement.  Mr. Tim did leave with a "nibble" from Abby, but other than that she really did famously that entire day!

The next day we continued clean-up, and by "we" I mean Andy as I hadn't had the heart to even look at the mess until Friday.  Our small group leaders meet once a month and were scheduled to gather that Thursday, but they came over instead and the guys graciously moved a load of trash to the dump (including the carpet and giant double bean bag) as well as all the heavy items up onto 2x4's or into the garage!  On Friday our small group came over with a couple extra friends and cleaned the rest of the excess out.  Andy took a mop and some clorox (yes, we found some in our house much to my dismay; but I've barely been in a place to protest) to the floors, took out the stairs to the garage and a shelf that had molded.  We're in a holding position right now, but at least there aren't deadly fumes and mold drifting through our vents. 

& An Olive Branch...
It had been a rough week to say the least.  We had many help us take care of the girls so Andy could be with me in the hospital as much as possible, clean up our basement mess, and even a meal I could actually eat complete with a bottle of wine :)  We had a rough week by any account, but we had been largely blessed as well.  Mentally I was so grateful, yet physically and emotionally it was a lot to handle.  I wrapped my robe around myself Thursday morning and went outside for a walk around the yard as that was about as far as I could do, and it's the place I like to be most... outside. 
...I walked around the yard to evaluate the lake that formed in the front yard and prepare myself for a trip to my garden.  My garden is therapy.  I need organic food, so I grow as much as possible... and I like it... a lot.  I hadn't expected it to have survived, but needed to assess the damages and get over it... no one was hurt... it was only stuff, I should count our blessings, but...
... there were no damages
Everything... every last plant survived, and appeared to be thriving...
... my olive branch :)

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  1. Wow.... sounds like so much to deal with at one time! So wonderful that you are surrounded by such great people! I sure hope you're feeling better and on the mend now :)


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