Monday, January 16, 2012

Abby's Purpose

I found myself tearing as I think about how difficult it is to console/encourage parents who have had a child recently diagnosed with a disability... especially if the child is not yet born.  I recently re-posted a blog from a gal called "what I would tell you."  It's easier to put that up on my blog and not have to look that parent in the face because I know some of the hardships they will encounter.  While the good WAY outweighs the bad, the emotional pain is hard to express in the same breath and not sound gratuitous or fake.

I found myself breaking it down in simpler terms the other day and had to share.  We often have to go back to the big picture to get a better look at the smaller ones.  While the days may stretch your heart more than you ever thought you could be stretched, you may cry more tears of desperation, anger and happiness than you thought one person could have (often all in the same day), and the private world you esteem may turn into a glass box, what do you ultimately want for you children?  

I want eternal life... Heaven.  I want them to realize their sinful state, repent of it and receive the free gift of eternal life.  Their sin debt has been paid, but they must believe.  There is an age of accountability for which Abby won't reach; therefore, she will someday walk and talk with us in Heaven.  This is the biggest one and it's covered!

Secondly, I desire for them to glorify God with their lives.  I want them to love people, so the love given to them will flow through them and spill onto all who come in contact with them.  We all choose whether or not we glorify God with our lives.  We make that choice daily to die to self or to live for self.  Abby glorifies God with just being her.  God uses her, a willing vessel, to touch people's lives all the time!  She affects people in ways I just never could... innocent and pure rather than fighting against being self serving.  

WOW! wouldn't I want that for not only my kids, but also myself?  Wouldn't it be great if I was so in touch with my God that my mere existence pointed to him?  Talk about quality of life!  Fulfilling a greater purpose without having to set my selfish desires aside every day!  

We as Christians often sell a false bill of goods as Christians.  Being "right" with God isn't the absence of pain & suffering.  Abby deals with unfair pains that aren't a result of her "not living in victory!"  God never promised an easy path.  On the other hand,  a difficult path doesn't equal righteousness (in case you took this to the extreme).  God is good, but a victorious life doesn't necessarily mirror that all the time.  

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