Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Porterbrook year 2: Living the Cross and Resurrection

I'm in my second year of this course we're taking with our church.  This month started with a loaded question and I'm wondering how to answer it?  The question is...How would you sum up the central things that define you as a Christian?  I started to list my strengths, but my writing soon took a turn to my weaknesses.
How do I define myself?
How would you define yourself?
What defines me or doesn't define me?  I'm sure it will answer this all soon, but I like to foul it up myself before I get to a better answer, so here it goes...
This is what I'd like to be known for.  There are glimpses of it sometimes, but I am a work in progress :)

  • Peace a midst the storms of this life.  I walk a world of unknowns and scary realities, but I know the rock that holds me.  My life has been redeemed and I know how this game ends... heaven.  
  • Love... sacrificial, unexplainable, laugh-out-loud rediculous.  I love based on the love I've been given rather than on merit
  • My journey marred with seemingly confusing twists and turns.  If you understand the path I take than it may be logic or reason, but when I follow the God I love it doesn't make sense.  "Yes, Lord" to anything you ask of me... anytime, anywhere... despite the mockers.  I hold onto the cruise director and can tune out the naysayers and walk boldly.  I've been sidetracked by what others say rather than holding to what I've been asked to do.  I want to walk with confidence no matter who spits on me.
  • Truth seeker and truth speaker.  I want to never stop learning.  I want to continually be changing and growing in wisdom, but I don't aspire to spiritual obesity where I just take it all; but pass it on as I receive anything.  Since anything I take in isn't originally mine, may I communicate with with as much humility as I exercised when I took it in.
I have a feeling this list will soon change, but there it is today...

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