Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Incredibly Happy Abby

I keep waiting to get a great picture that shows my incredibly happy Abby, but she hasn't been cooperating with communicating her extreme glee for the camera!  I might have been holding my breath hoping this "unmedicatedly" happy girl might stick around too.  She's been pretty good since around July for the most part, but in the past week or two she's been happy... even positively joyous to some extent!  Her world has always been on a bit of a non-so-interactive slant with moments of connection, but I think I can say that she's been even giggly nearly every day over something or another (I don't even know sometime).  She lets out a giggle nearly every morning when I enter her room and start singing to her.  Don't get me wrong, my singing would make most laugh, but that's a totally appropriate response, right?  She even seems to be nodding "yes" and "no" at totally appropriate times.  I try to balance pushing her to "be all that she can be" with not setting unrealistic expectations, but I must say that this state for Abby makes me hopeful that her communication skills will increase too.

Did I mention that she is so loud?  Her noises are longer and louder, which can only mean she is experimenting with sound... or becoming deaf :)  I gave up my expectations of speech a few years ago as it is less and less likely the older she gets statistically, but she isn't exactly typical... even for an untypical kid!  What would I give to hear her voice turn into words.

 Yes, I am crying now...
I've stopped my heart from going there for some time, but the goofy thing is that everyone that has gotten close to my angel has had Abby talking to them in their dreams at one time or another.  I know she will eventually talk, but it might just be Heaven :)
I'm truly okay with that and dealt with the loss of that dream some time ago, but all this noise brings it back fresh for me.

She communicates a good bit now.  If you don't understand that her throwing her bar at you means she wants you to open it so she can eat it, then... he!he!  Going out to the car and banging on it means...?  Now you get the idea :)

Andy and I were fighting over her the other morning :)  I had her cradled on my lap because she likes to be cradled as if she was a baby.  Since I can hold her without losing a handful of hair these days, I'm happy to oblige.  She even backs up unto every one's lap now and insists on sitting next to me on the floor in the kitchen while making meals.  Mornings are the most fun with lots of hugs and kisses, so Andy walked in the room as I was holding her, took her from me to hold her on his lap.  It's funny how one can take these simple things for granted.  Even I have my typical talking or singing to her while I care for her as I would any other very large toddler (she's 4'7" & 80lbs now) without too much expectations, but now I feel a ray of sunshine breaking through.

I'm not unrealistic.  This could all end today... or tomorrow, but either way I will bask in it while it lasts.  There is always a possibility that this will be the new Abby.  Maybe this girl will be the one we settle in with... or maybe not.  I'll take it while it lasts and be ohhh sooo very grateful for this time we have.  I will be encouraged and blessed by this gift we've been given rather than over analyze it :)  If I had any earthly idea of why, I would move Heaven and earth to make her stay!

Now if we could only find something else for her to squeeze instead a handful of skin (& fat) we'd be in business!!!!  A girl can dream.  "We have not because we ask not, right?"


  1. Wow Allison, this is so exciting. Praising God along with you today as you enjoy his good gifts.

  2. When she backed up into me to sit down at the table while I was there I almost lost it. Miss you all so very much! Give my beautiful blondie love from Uncle.


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