Thursday, May 26, 2011


note the beautiful mix of snow and ground

Belle is such an amazing big sister

It was a bright day... not just trying to be cool

So I'm a bit late in posting, but I misplaced my camera. Surprised that I lost anything in the black hole of my house.  My goal is to organize this mess as we finish remodeling.  Anyway, we took a break from the remodel during spring break week and had a really great week of fun around town here in anything but Spring!

Monday we started with a day of sledding... Yes, I said sledding on spring break!  My girls love sledding.  MaryAlice actually still asks me if we can go sledding now that the snow has been gone for over a month now!  Too funny!

Tuesday we went for a drive up the shore.  We hiked for a memorable day at Gooseberry Falls.  Note all the photos of us walking with Abby.  We celebrate such simple things, but walking and holding Abby's hands is monumental in our world.  I don't share it with many because the significance of such a simple thing chokes me up just thinking of it.  Something most take for granted, but neither walking nor holding hands for an extended period of time were a given or expectation in our world.  Thankful for this day!

Wednesday we headed to Mr. Dan and Mrs Alana's house to play with Jud in the gym and pool.  The slide captured MA as much as the pool, but the story of the day was the grouse.  Dan spotted it in a tree as I commented on how delicious they are.  He barely got "I've never had one" out of his mouth and the crazy bird  flew into the house and dropped dead on the patio right in front of us!!!  Andy showed Dan how to strip it into meat and they have it ready to eat in their freezer!  (Where did my pics with the bird go? hopefully I find them soon!)

Cassie and Rachel (Wyatt)... super cute pic!

Anne & I had an entire day together... we did nothing!!! It was beautiful!!
So miss my girls!!!

Got two nights with Renae!  It was like old times...
plus two cute boys!

My cat friend got a dog... nothing like starting small!

Renae and Josh's Dawson... little love

DJ wasn't so sure t-ball practice should just be on the field!

Anne's two boys, Reed and Evan

Thursday Andy & I left to surprise his parents at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Georgia.  Thanks to frequent flyer miles and some extra time waiting for a job and the amazing Danielle and my amazing sister, we were able to take a whole week.  Other than the vehicle accident back at home drama we had a wonderful trip!  Fifty years is kind of a big deal and so glad we were able to share in the day of celebration!  We are blessed by the generations of solid marriages between our two families.  We snuck a few days with friends in SC, which was the cherry on top of a wonderful time!

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