Friday, January 7, 2011

"I would hate her"

Sometimes I'm so content with who I am... what I'm doing... and where I'm headed, and there are those days when I look around and see nothing but faults and failures.  I had one of  "those looks" on my face one evening as I read a fellow blogger's post of her January's menu.  I just (kind of) wrapped that scheduling and planning up into "super mom" status and I fell short.  With a decided frown on my face and a look of disgust (for me- not her) when Andy, the love of my life, leaned over and asked what I was reading. 

"I would hate her," he said oh-so-matter-of-factly that I couldn't help but kiss him!  That is one of the many reasons I love that boy!  I needed to know that right there and then, without hesitation, he would kill me if I was like that!  Probably the absolute truth, but in case he's playing me with the super salesman routine he should know I don't care if it was staged for my benefit or not.  I love him for saying it all the same!

We had some fun out in the snow over break!

After fourteen years of marriage and nearly sixteen years total together, we just needed some time to find "us" again.  We spent four days with undivided attention this past week.  Andy is in the process of changing jobs as his ended after Christmas last month and we desperately needed time to reconnect and define where we're going and where we want to be.  We needed to filter through all the fog and chaos that often fills our days disguised as "the urgent" and clear our minds to focus on us and the One who holds us together.  It's nice, I can say to be on the same page with goals, hopes and dreams; but it would be nice to have the Lord fill in the specifics blanks ASAP.  It's funny how we're not worried because He's never failed to care for us before, but it does bring us back to totally trusting in Him physically rather than just in theory as we all too often get before we realize it. 

So... today we're united.  I'm so proud of the man God has raised up in Andy.  I'm grateful that he's the one I get to do life with.  It's amazing to see how we're such different people than the ones we were nearly sixteen years ago.  It's amazing how the Lord brought those two people together with so much in common and totally in love with each other, changed them into two completely different people and somehow grew our love in the process.  We've watched each other grow often with much pain, yet it's produced a deeper love and affection than we ever could have imagined possible.  It's that small voice that whispered in my year when I wanted to bash him (Andy) over the head with the skillet (he was selling) that He was working on him just as He was working on me... it wasn't about me... I needed to step back and let Him do the work, "He who began a good work... would be faithful to complete it."  He was right.  "To whom much is given, much will be required."  We've been given much... so very much!  Salvation... families... Godly families and rearing... each other... Abby... Belle... MaryAlice.  Much will be required.  It will be our honor and pleasure rather than our obligation and burden.  perspective changes everything. 

It was Abby's best Christmas as she was actually excited over her gifts!

We know today we will face many challenges ahead like the ones we've made it through, but they won't destroy us.  We know now that the God of the universe and the power of the Holy Spirit is alive and working.  He's called us to the places we've been and the places we'll go; but, no matter what... He's worth it!  We'll face the giants, but never alone.  We'll stand together as husband and wife... as one, united in the power of Christ who is alive and lives in us.  We're on mission... together.  We might not know the plan, but we know the planner.  Praise God!

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  1. So glad you got some time away - and thrilled you have such a great partner in life. God knows that with what you two must face each day that you need each other's help and support. I still think you are awesome even if you don't have your meals planned for the month. I am a firm believer in emergency oatmeal with raisins myself...


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