Wednesday, January 12, 2011

job search 2011

I have to get this all down before the details escape me so you can share in this too...

A bit of history so you get the gravity of this Divine "coincidence".  Andy worked for a trucking company when he was hired into their management training program out of college.  The program was a bit of an honor to get into and Andy blew through it and ended up with a permanent job in Greenville where he did his training.  After a few years and the birth of Abby our lives drastically changed and we needed to make some changes too.  Andy was set to leave that job in a couple of months and start working for himself, but was thrown a bit of a curveball when he went into work one day to find out the company was downsizing its salesteam from three to two.  One of his counterparts was laid off that day, but in good conscience Andy told the regional VP of his intent to resign in the next couple of months.  Andy asked to take her place and obviously put us in a bit of a precarious situation at the time as we weren't prepared to move on just yet, but evidently made a big impression on them. 

Jump ahead almost a decade later... Andy was laid off after Christmas as the company he worked for is being sold and moving.  If you remember how he got that job, you will know why we're not super worried about the Lord taking care of us.  For those of you who don't know the story I'll bring you up to speed.  Andy finally realized he was travelling too much working for himself and needed to be home more, so in faith in the small town of Duluth he set out to find something else.  He was a bit worried, but we laughed as we said it would have to be a God thing to find a decent job here.  The first week or so after his decision he opened up to one of the few people he knew in Duluth and told him about the life changes he was making.  Thankfully, the man was more than encouraging as he knew first hand how much Andy was gone as he had introduced himself to three men (my dad, brother and a complete stranger who just happened to be sitting by me) before he actually met Andy at church.  Andy often worked on the weekends and when he was off we often were out of town or something.  Greg and Andy were talking after church and Dave walked by as Greg stopped him and said, "Hey!  you have a growing business... need a salesman?"  Dave stopped and said, "Actually, we might.  Come see me in my office tomorrow."  One thing led to the next and Andy worked there for the past few years.  Ethel actually said yesterday that she remembers Andy just laughing and saying how crazy the whole thing was and if he actually got the job it would totally be a God thing!

A job just posted for the same trucking company he used to work for.  After nearly a decade of no contact with anyone from there, Andy made a few phone calls and he has an interview today!  God made a way for him to leave a sales position in such a big, unusual way that anyone he knew back then totally remembered him and got him an interview.  The position up here is open for the first time in over two decades (I think) which is crazy in itself because Andy didn't even consider looking there as those kind of jobs are typically only available if you're willing to relocate.  We've been willing from day one together to go and do whatever the Lord wants and have been excited to go from place to place as He leads; but right now we're supposed to be here.  That can change next week, but right now we're supposed to be here.  By four o'clock yesterday evening he got a second email from a contact for another interview this week! 

The rest of this story is still to be written, but starting to get interviews is a super adrenaline boost of encouragement.  But most of all it's a reminder to us that He can make something out of nothing.  We've had no leads, but He does.  If He wants us here, then He can make things happen and blow our socks off!  A reminder that the same Spirit that raised Christ up from the dead is alive and working in our lives!  That's the reality of who He is and how He works daily in our lives.  This may not be a great fit for Andy or either company and we may be back on our knees with this at the forefront, but it's still amazing!  Anytime you contact executives and they pick up the phone or return your email withing the hour in our day and age... it's an act of God.  If you're at all part of that world you know just how amazing that is. 

I'll keep you posted on this journey...


  1. Wonderful news! You are blessed, and deservedly so. Prayers for a continued story with a great ending.

  2. So awesome. Praying for you guys.


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