Friday, May 28, 2010

St. Rose

I'm kind of sentimental.  With only a few days left of school for this year I'm reminiscing about my girl's first year at their new school, St Rose.  It's kind of funny how things work out.  I say funny, but it's amazing when I stand back & have the opportunity to see our obviously directed path... even through all the pains.  A year ago I didn't even know St. Rose existed let alone consider sending Abby to a privates school.  "We're really not equipped for kids like Abby," is what I heard from other schools, but St. Rose was different.  They ended up not only being equipped, but a perfect fit for her.  Who would of thought of Abby spending most of her day in a typical class with "typical" kids? 

I must go on about those "typical" kids and teacher.  They are an amazing group!  I'm a teacher by trade and they're not your average 3rd and 4th graders.  These kids made room in their hearts and their space for a girl who cannot even say their names, yet loves them without judgment.  If they only knew how much she loved them.  She doesn't care how they look or what clothes they are wearing.  Abby loves them.  They not only impacted her life, but ours by association.  When something makes Abby happy, it tricles down to our home.  When she's happy we have peace.  I pray for peace & St. Rose has given us the opportunity to experience a lot of it this year!  I'm amazed by how much the kids (and faculty) are vested in Abby & her snail pace achievements.  We rejoice in all the baby steps, yet this year we've shared those joys.  her accomplishments are their accomplishments.  Her tears have been theirs.  Her sickness touches them and her empty seat doesn't go unnoticed. 

God has a plan for Abby's life.  He doesn't make mistakes.  It's just such a perfectly beautiful picture he's painted this year in a tiny school with an intimate group of peers.  Given the chance, Abby's existence can touch people's lives in ways the rest of us never could imagine.  She doesn't try to do God's work, but she is God's work... perfection.  I'm brought to my knees in awe of how His ways are not mine, but they are so much better!  In all the ways our world revolves around our big girl, all the neverending doctors appointments and coordinating of care that saps my strength to the core; it's days like today when I'm still that I know He is God.  His blessings are so abundant that if I don't be still long enough to reflect I may miss them.  If I don't take the time to collect them all in one place, I'll not see all the little things He's woven into our lives to give us satisfaction in Him. 

Thank you St. Rose for opening your door to Abby.  Thank you for opening your hearts to her as well.  Thank you for seeing what no one else did.  Thank you for putting a new face on inclusion.  Thank you for practicing what you believe.  Faith in action is an amazing thing.  You believe in the value of human life and you've welcomed "the least of these" into your world.  We are eternally grateful.  Many don't believe in abortion, but won't welcome those children next to their children in the real world.  They don't want them terminated, but they don't want to see or hear them either.  You've all seen and heard Abby this year... Thank you!

Have you ever had one of those days or moments where life made sense or at least felt like it did?  It's one of those times where you could actually feel the love on Christ.  Today is one of those days for me :)

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  1. I'm so happy this year worked out so well. Such an amazing testimony of God' provisio for your family. We have had a lot of those moments lately where hindsight has made something very clear. It is amazing what God has done for us even when we didn't know to pray for it.
    Grace and Peace


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