Saturday, December 13, 2008

Padded room

Have you ever noticed that it's not the big things in life that put you over the edge, but a series of small ones?
  • An infant who usually sleeps through the night up at 1:30am and
  • waking up early to an 8 yr. old's dirty diaper
  • a capable toddler's clothes all over her room
  • wet socks from stepping on a leaking cup (it's a conspiracy... they say they're leak proof, but they are not)
  • ground in snacks on my carpet from a never full grazer
  • putting breakfast back in her mouth for the 5th time
  • perfectly braided hair with a brush hanging from her head
  • clean laundry cluttering the dining room table
  • a tidy house at bedtime turned upside down by noon
  • half eaten board books and their crumbs all over the floor (yes, we feed her food)
  • our favorite toy of the week is a linked chain grandma left (is that safe to play with?)
  • chapped lips
  • cracked, bleeding fingers because we can't keep them out of her mouth
  • a sink full of stained clothing that weren't pretreated
  • a room littered with wet wipes... what makes them so appealing and why can't they be hidden?
  • playing in toilet water...

Thankful all the more for the call from grandma to fix us dinner tonight before church. Thank you grandma! Back to clean up as the baby is down for a nap before I resume my roll as the beloved "milk lady".

My writing is interrupted by my little love who needs to check in. She pulls up to stand next to my chair ( I'll never tire of her standing) leans in with a huge Abby smile for a kiss... and back to play... Thank you, Lord, for letting me be mom to her and her two sisters.

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  1. It is so true it is the little things. The little things that drive us crazy, make us smile, make us cry. Life is just full of them!
    (Love the new look too!)


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