Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In the Giving

This is what "Kiss Baby" looks like!!!!
I've spent thirteen years identifying with people who understand "struggle"
I've learned...
to not isolate myself because no one REALLY understands

all pain is painful

allowing myself to feel someone else's pain doesn't increase mine but somehow lessens it
makes our world smaller as I've felt a lot of different pains...
          to the core of my being
by walking with someone else we identify with more people, but most importantly
....my pains don't lessen yours
 You can't see my struggle and downgrade yours, or
beat yourself up for being a mess because it's not as bad as mine
because regardless of how many tears you or I have shed, HE's the only one counting
He's measured the weight of this on your shoulders...
     not mine
We're not to weigh our struggles on a comparison scale, but...
offer to be the hand to hold each other up when the waves start closing in
be the clear vision when a distorted reality starts clouding the truth
wipe the tears, share the tears, and sometimes silently shed them together
listen without answers because many questions just don't... have answers
carry our friends to Jesus when they lack the strength to get there on their own

The old adage still applies...
Someone's always got it better than you and someone's always got it worse

Even so... let yourself cry... or mourn
for a season
Then let HIM pick up the pieces and put them back together (He's an artist)
Let those around you share your pain knowing there's going to be a story to tell when HE's finished.

In this season...
Look for those around you who are hurting
I bet you won't have to look too far
Ask God for eyes to see and ears to hear
Take time to BE STILL and listen to that voice
Put feet to those "nudgings" and act on them
You'll be amazed what God has in store for YOU
...in the giving 


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