Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We are moving... Halloween 2014

 Halloween seems to be a marker of momentous moments again this year.  Sure, dressing up, meeting our neighbors and getting candy is a highlight in itself, but last year Andy hopped in his car and left for South Carilina.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday.  I was eight months pregnant with a house half packed into our garage.  It was late when we finished getting candy as Andy tucked the girls in and kissed me goodbye amidst my flood of tears.  Being pregnant didn't help, but the idea of being without him for the next few weeks seemed insurmountable.  The tears started to flow and they didn't stop until well into the night.  

Thankfully, This year wasn't as traumatic, but it ushered in change just the same.  We've decided to move into a different place as our lease in our current place is up at the end of the year.  We've had almost a year to have more of an idea what we're looking for and where we want to be.  We really wanted to move into a place we could potentially buy, but second best was being close to Belle's school and saving some money while we wait for the right place.  Our current place was a wonderful fit for our new family in a new town, but for the long term we have no yard and high rent.  After months of looking we found a place and put a deposit down in a matter of hours.  We wanted to wait until our lease was up, but the house was less than two miles from Belle's school, smaller but really cute and we both loved it!  We knew it would be gone if we waited, and we quite frankly it's going to take us longer to move than a typical family anyway so the extra time will help.   
Look at this sweet ballerina princess... to think she was inside me still a year ago... 
So much can happen in a year.  I feel like I've grown so much and aged so much all at the same time.    
Abby was so sweet too!  She loves to go for a walk, so she was pumped when we all took off together!  We
called her "Uncle Si" and she was super cute when someone would offer her a piece of candy from a bucket.  She's been working on taking things out of a container and putting things back in, so she would sweetly take a piece of candy and then put it back in smiling the whole time!  It was awesome because she didn't want to keep any of it.  She finally put a piece or two on her lap, but she really just wanted to return it to the container like a game!  It was awesome!!!  She's been really great (next blog topic).

My other ballerina princess loved this say the most! She's so relational that meeting people and hanging with her favorite people, while gettin candy is something akin to the perfect day!  I finally gave up on getting costumes this year. I wanted to do a family theme, but it was just too much. With a suitcase full of dress up clothes it's always easy to do the princess or queen theme, and she was happy as a clam to do just that!
My Belle was the iMessage app as she had already dressed up with her small group from church on Wednesday. She had no trouble sporting the same one on Halloween. My girls are so great to "re-wear" their costumes. It was my expectations rather than theirs once again that threatened to wreck the day (in my head). Silly mama ;)

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