Sunday, February 24, 2013

I can do today

I admire how Abby can remain in her place while chaos ensues around  her.  She does her thing despite all the clamor behind her.  It's as if she doesn't know what is happening or maybe just chooses to not pay attention?  I often wonder what is going on in her head.  I used to wonder what she was thinking... rainbows, unicorns and angels or nothing?  Andy & I often talk for her... mostly nonsense and sarcasm because that's who we are.  Our way to deal is humor.  We think we're funny.  That's why we work.  We like us... it's just that simple. 

I took a two hour nap today.  I can't remember the last time I was able to turn it all off and let myself take an actual restful nap.  I've hit a bit of an overload cycle.  We all have to make time for what's important to us, but sometimes there is the tyranny of the urgent that takes precedent over doing what we're really passionate about, right?

In my world that means diapers to change, an enclosed bed to appeal... again, home school and finding a new school for Abby as her place of refuge approaches closure (another post for a different day), being an independent Norwex consultant a day or two a week, and of course the normal cooking and cleaning (which looking around my house has sadly been neglected)... just to name a few.

What can give?
home made dinner every night
cleaning or decreasing the clutter
details & micro managing
putting out fires
returning phone calls/emails

What cannot give?
my boyfriend
my girls
a benefit
helping a friend

How many times will I have to go back to my priorities... God, my favorite boy, kids?  It's as if I forget?
I have to shelf some stuff for tomorrow and take on today. 
If I take on too much than I start doing a lot of things poorly instead of a few things well.
So, what can be done?

I can do today 

I step back and look at my priorities
I get comfortable on my knees
do more listening than speaking

I do today
than I do tomorrow...
when it comes

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