Saturday, June 2, 2012


"Something beautiful,
something good
All my confusion He understood.
All I had to offer Him was confusion and strife, but
He's making something beautiful
Out of my life"

As a kid I heard a gal sing this song during a speech she gave, and it has just stuck with me.  I wonder why certain stuff just sticks, but tonight as I lie here with a smile it comes to mind.  We've had a visitor this weekend and all I've thought to say about this lovely lady is she is a beautiful.  She's been through so much in her life, yet the person she is doesn't reflect that in a hard way but amazingly soft. 

We met Brenda shortly after her son, Michael, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  Mike (as we knew him) had been coming to our church and was a part of our small group as he attended a local college.  Andy got a call late one night from the hospital where Mike waited for his mom to drive up after his shocking diagnosis.  He drove out to be with Mike that night, but only saw him a few more times before he went home to be with the Lord about a year later. 

Brenda was a single mom and Mike was her only child, yet I sit across from her being blessed by her rather than watching her shaken to the core as she tries to find a place called heaven that seems more like a mystical place than a reality.  I wondered how we could minister to her during her visit with us, but instead it is she who has ministered to us.  Do you think the Lord brought her here to give to us?  Hopefully we've given something back, but I'm at a loss for what.  I usually feel my place in relationships and have that still small voice that guides me, but I've sat quietly and listened... and watched.  Maybe that's were I'm supposed to be this weekend, but it's a place I'm unaccustomed to.  Yet, I'm surprisingly comfortable here...  Content to soak it up.

May I be inspired to grow into this kind of woman.
May I bless those who brush by my life whether it be a moment or a lifetime
May I live in the victory I'm called to rather than waiting for the endorsement of those he doesn't require
May I put one foot in front of the other and serve him in the valleys as well as the mountain tops of life
May I find ways to do rather than finding reasons I cannot or should not
May I not be afraid to move forward, backward, sideways or whatever way He leads...
       even if that's away...

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  1. This precious woman, Brenda, is consistently the way you saw her! I've been involved in her life as an 'older' friend and mentor over the years and to observe how she allowed the Lord to take her through one of the toughest battles a person/mother can face has been such a rich blessing to all who know her. She's so yielded to the Lord and His sovereign will and has gained a depth of understanding because of it. So glad she has touched your lives as well!


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