Friday, October 28, 2011

some pretty cool stuff

Some pretty cool stuff...

Abby has the places she goes and isn't so fond of change to the point where she won't even enter her sister's rooms or ours if we don't purposely direct her there.  Even with direction, she'll only stay a moment and move to "surer" ground :)  On Sunday all of us where in our room watching a football game.  Abby was in her room playing and made it quite clear that it was "alone time."  When she was ready she crawled out of her room and started toward the bathroom when Andy began calling for her.  I joined in and pretty soon she scooted down the stairs that lead to our room, climbed up on the bed and cuddled Andy and I for at least half an hour!  It kind of just happened.  She consistently looks when her name is called and even seems to follow a simple command on a regular basis.

In school she's joined the Kindergarten class at the beginning this year.  She came into the class in the middle last year, so it's amazing how being there from the start has made her more of a member of the class than a visitor.  The kids are more determined to connect with her.  One little boy after only a week or two of school figured out that if he got close enough to her than she wouldn't pull his hair.  See, she often pulls because we're all moving so fast right by her that it's the only way she can stop you and make you pay attention to her.  If you're close to her and not talking TO her she's more apt to force your attention.  She was pulling Mr. Steve's shirt repeatedly one Sunday, and Andy suggested he put his head down close to hers to see what she'd do.  She leaned in and laid her head on him.  She just wanted his attention.  She also won't pinch anymore if you squeeze her hand... right.  There is a certain way- very specific- method of squeezing she likes.  If you figure her rhythm, she'll stop pinching you.  If you're getting pinched or pulled, you're probably not paying attention enough or squeezing rightly :)

Yesterday Ethel said they were a couple of minutes late for circle time, so she (Ethel) was rushing around to get some stuff together and Abby continued  to "her spot" without Ethel when one of the little guys jumped up, took her hand and led her the rest of the way to the group.  Can you even stand it?  He wasn't even asked, but took care of her without skipping a beat.  Another little guy randomly got behind her and tried to help lift her up like we do.  He wrapped his little Kindergarten arms around her and was trying to help get her up.

On Sunday one of the boys from her class at school randomly came up to Abby at church and was talking to her... like it was the most normal thing to do.  I have no such expectations of kids... especially the ones who has been around and part of our lives for the past few years when we'd encourage them to keep a distance for safety.  I don't even know how to teach them to interact, but they're doing it on their own!  If you watch her,  when a child (more her age) gets close to her she often throws her arms in the air and starts dancing.  She does love to be around her friends.

I don't know who this little guy is, but I had to share
this pic from FB
Maybe you can't fully grasp how huge this is, but it's the main goal we have for her... IN LIFE!  We want her to live in our world.  We want our people to naturally interact and help with her, so she's seen more as a member of our family rather than a sideshow.  We want our friends to get so used to her that they naturally interact with her rather than slip out of the way to avoid. her.  It's one of the biggest reasons crabby Abby distressed us so much.  We want people to get to know her, but when she'd attack everyone (including us), people where kind simply to tolerate her.  We had to lower our expectations and adjust our goals, but then Happy Abby reappeared and stuff like this keeps happening!

It's part of who God created her to be.  She somehow affects everyone who gets to know her in ways I can't even express.  Maybe I can publish on my blog the lessons people learn from Abby sometime.  Keep that in your back pocket and start thinking about it because it would be really great to compile.  Especially, as I read so much about aborting kids like her for lack of quality of life!  Think how the quality of our lives would be diminished without her.

Grab a tissue and check out this story...


  1. Love this post. I love good days and good news...hooray for these moments:)

  2. So fantastic. Really appreciate you sharing - the good and the bad- as it is always a blessing in my life. I can just imagine those sweet little K kids helping out as my sweet little guy in K is so prone to that sort of thing as well. God bless all those little ones!

  3. This made me cry! Yes, this is what we want for all of our kids, for them to just fit in to the place of everything else. And it so amazes me how much other children can learn an adapt simply from being around kids like ours. Thank you for sharing this triumph!

  4. I love the story of Rick and Dick!!!!


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