Sunday, April 3, 2011

What A Weekend!

"Everyone's fine, but there's been an accident," came the dreaded words from over the phoneline as my sister explained and I sat in shock.  That was today, but in order to understand today I must bring you back a few days first...

I got in line to board the plane... alone on thursday.  Andy needed to run to a friend's house to get the DVD of the video photo show he was putting together for his parents' 50th Anniversary party.  He made it through security just as I was about to board the plane without him.  I took his hand, kissed him and decided to focus on our week together rather than then stress of almost missing the flight.

We were heading to Atlanta to surprise his parents for the anniversary party.  Thanks to frequent flyer miles and Danielle, my sister and some other friends and family we were off for a week alone together.  Rarely do our flights ever take off and land on time, so a delay is always in the mix; but thanks to the perfectly timed landing of the plane in the Twin Cities synchronized with Ben's (my brother) walking out of the office, he made it to pick us up before we even got to baggage claim ourselves!  We spent a couple hours with Ben at the Mall of America to eat dinner and waste some time.  A mini blessing in the mix!  Our flight finally took off and we landed in Atlanta shortly after midnight.  By the time we got our luggage (which was a surprise to me since mine often gets lost :) and met up with Jeremy (brother-in-law) to take us to his house it was almost two in the morning.  Luckily we were able to sleep in and spent the day trying make ourselves useful to get things together for the big party the next day. 

The party was perfect and they were surprised to see us!  What a full and fun day!   We saw family that we hadn't seen in years and were able to visit with everyone and spend a full day with all the family together!  Everything came together perfectly.  My sister-in-law, Tara, headed it all up and did a magnificent job!  After the full day we were all exhausted, but still a bit wound up so we met Nanny and Papa for dinner.  It's funny how things seem to change without us even knowing it sometimes.  It's been quite some time since we actually had an adult dinner with Andy's parents and never gave it much thought until we had an opportunity to do so.  It was really nice to sit and visit... as adults. 

That would've been a full weekend in itself, but...

On the way to church I got a phone call from my sister, who thankfully had Annabelle and MaryAlice with her the past couple of nights.  She started with, "I just want to preface what I'm going to say with... Everyone is all right."  My pressure started to rise at this point.  Abby and Danielle were in a car accident.  The roads were slick.  They didn't even make it to the highway when the car slid off the road and flipped!  Danielle had to get herself and Abby out of the car as it was on its head in the ditch!  Thankfully a neighbor was driving by and saw the whole thing and was able to help Danielle and keep them in his warm car as they waited for the police to come. 

Across the country, on a trip together, this is one of our worst nightmares.  That's the phone call no one wants to get, especially, when you're too far to do anything.  Still can't believe they are totally fine without even a scratch.  The beautiful thing... I got the call from my sister who had my two girls and her three at home by herself as my brother-in-law is a pastor and was preaching so there wasn't anything more they could do.  My parents were out of town and we were helpless sitting in a car in Georgia. 

We're used to drama, and are pretty good at containing a situation; but we were no help.  We had to rely on our friends.  Within minutes Ethel was to the scene for Abby, Dan & Alana pulled out of the parking lot of church and arrived to take care of the details of having the car emptied and towed as well as support for Danielle, and a couple more friends left the service to come be with her too.  Throughout the day several of our church family stopped by to help in our place and reassure us everything was under control so we didn't cut our trip short. 

I have to sum up the response of our church family in a profound statement made by Dan when Andy apologized for making him miss church to go help out...

"This is church," he said.
That's just it.
Church is not an event we attend on Sunday, but who we are every day of the week...
That kind of love is compelling and a true reflection of the God we serve.  I'm proud and grateful to be part of such a body.


  1. scary, huh?!

    we're so glad to know that they are okay! enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Cannot even imagine the horror that went through you during that. I am in tears just reading it because things like that scare me so much, and I just can't imagine something like that happening to my baby (because they will always be your baby in moments like that) going through something like that without me there!! Let alone, my special needs baby!

    What a wonderful community you have to support you, and family! How wonderful.

    I'm so glad everyone is ok, that was the BEST news!

  3. Oh scary I'm glad everyone is okay. I just found your blog I'm have a special girl too.

  4. Allison- thanks for your blog. We love you guys <3


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