Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddy Dates

Daddy dates serve many purposes in our home.  Aside from the obvious "spending special undivided time with Daddy," it also makes it easier to leave them with a sitter when we go out.  All the girls get turns to go out with Daddy.  It's by far Belle's favorite thing to do.  We also do dates with both Mommy and Daddy too.  The first was an impromptu date one evening.  We surprised Belle by going to a movie she wanted to see.  It just so happened that it was a private showing!  No, we didn't rent the place, but yes, we were the only ones in the theatre.  It was awesome!

We started to have Daddy dates with Abby when Belle was old enough to know what they are because we didn't want Belle to think of Abby as less than her.  It was important to do some stuff with Abby for Belle's sake even if she didn't seem to notice.  Just like Birthday parties and stuff like that.  The cool thing is how fast Abby responded to the time with Daddy.  They had a ball together!  Their place seems to be Famous Dave's.  We learned with Belle after Daddy took her to Taco Bell.  That turned into their "date place." 

Famous Dave's has been so great too!  Andy told them that Abby didn't get the whole "wait for your food" thing.  She thinks that when she sits down the food should magically appear like it usually does and waiting would be miserable for us and everyone else there, so they graciously bring her fries right away!  For this we are always very grateful for how they accomodate us!!!  Abby eats more on her dates than she usually does.  Her and Daddy share "the more meat the better" mentality; therefore, Famous Daves is indead their place!

Belle must get "dolled up" for any and all
dates... thus the curled hair and favorite Tee (most
likely there was lip gloss involved too)!

We even double date with her cousin and uncle.  This was a date for dinner and Pottery Burn.  As I recall the story the boys got into the pottery as much as the girls!  How cute!

MaryAlice got her own blog post for her first Daddy Date...


  1. Sounds so fun! What a great tradition to keep a good relationship between dad and daughters!

  2. I laughed out loud with your husband's comment of "Abby doesn't get the whole wait for your food thing.":) Deakon is the exact same. He knows and LOVES restaraunts, and expects his favorite food (or at least a rootbeer) IMMEDIATELY!! We frequent places that understand and embrace this.
    My Abby also loves the one on one time. At times, I feel we have a split family because Blair or I will take Ab and the other will stay home with Deak...or vice versa. It is nice to hear we are not the only ones:)


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