Friday, February 4, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine

Up here in Duluth MN we often have to find our own sunshine because the natural one isn't around a whole lot.  I find myself looking for it tonight.  Here's mine.  If you need to share it,  please feel free :)

Abby wrapped her hands around my neck, pulled me in for a hug and kiss
No vomit today
Friends to remind how the sun looks when I can't remember seeing it
"I wuv you, mommy"
A kitchen Island in progress
A walking 4'6" 73 lb. toddler
Laughter coming from MaryAlice's room as she and Belle play dress up
Mexican @ Lindos with friends
The smell of fresh bread
nursery workers
Tutus, big flowers & nail polish w/ sparkles
First blooms of Spring
Ethel, Danielle, Molly, Jenna, Erin & Mik
Grandpa & Grandma
Coconut milk ice cream, gluten-free bagels, goat cheese
Friends who wrap their arms around me to warm me when I can't feel the heat of the sun
Long underwear
Trader Joes
Date night
Sunday morning worship
Quelf with friends
Car Starter
A white blanket of snow covering everything
A beach house
Matching Valentine's dresses from Auntie
Family movie night
Down jacket
A random leg hug from an ankle biter
Coffee with a friend
Play dates
Laundry soap I didn't have to make
Warm boots
high efficiency, large capacity, sanitize cycle
Sister love
jeans that fit
Twirl Dresses
Dance party
Friends to reflect the sun when I lose faith that it will return

Realizing I could go on
...but no longer need to

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