Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday!

It's been a struggle each year to give Abby a party she'd actually like.  Her first birthday was celebrated in a motel room in Indianapolis, Indiana with Grandpa and Grandma.  She had a little cake, Veggie Tales cake and balloons.  He was largely oblivious, but we felt we needed to at least acknowledge if for our sake if not hers. 

Her birthdays have been a version of that one ever since.  Balancing our need to celebrate each birthday and her obvious dislike of the whole process.  She hasn't been too big of a fan of large gatherings in the past, but has been not only tolerant but agreeable to them lately.  She seems to like the gathering in some respects, but does get overwhelmed much quicker than is socially acceptable to kick people out of one's home :) 

This leaves us with what to do for her birthdays.  A few years back we decided to keep smaller family gatherings, so her sisters and cousins see her getting a big show like the rest of them.  See, we do make a bit of a deal out of birthdays in our family.  It's become a tradition to make the cakes for our kids.  My mom, sister and I like to get together the day before and create something.  So... what do you do with a kid who could not only care less, but prefers to avoid the whole thing altogether?  This year we decided to make her party at school and bring cupcakes to school.  I know homemade items are banned at school, but with her gluten free status we really had no choice.  Her friends are all there.  She spends part of her day with her peers in the 3rd/4th grade class and part of her day with the Kindergarten class, so we couldn't have a party and invite so many anyway. 

We ended up combining Abby's birthday with Grandma's since Abby's is on the 25th and Grandma's is on the 29th.  It was a nice way to celebrate both with less gatherings.  It might not have looked like much of a kiddy party, but it settled the whole smaller group yet celebrated occaision.  It ended up being a nice evening.  Like most parents, sometimes what I want for her is far less than she wants.  It's her day... not mine.


  1. Abby looks so beautiful in these pictures, I love the red with her blond long hair. She also looks very happy. It looks to me like you did an amazing job balancing her needs with our motherly instinct.

  2. I think this was perfect for her, and she looks so happy! And I totally agree with Jenny, she is GORGEOUS!!


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