Friday, December 3, 2010

It's all about me... right?

I was reading Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest this morning as my mom left it at my house in hopes that she could get me to read it along with the rest of our family.  She liked the idea that we could have a common thread to discuss.  I like to read, so I've put it in a handy spot (w.c.) and have been reading it.  It is often so simple and yet so profound.  I'll get back to the relevance of it later.

I came off a pretty encouraging week last week during the Thanksgiving holiday.  On Monday I had a much needed meaningful lunch with girlfriends to start the week. Tuesday night Andy and I took Belle to a fundraiser at her school, and since Abby was already in bed the wonderful Miss Molly offered to keep MaryAlice for the evening.  We stopped by the school to "buy" the girls art.  Impressed with whoever came up with the idea to charge parents for their kid's art, but not super excited about going out to do it!  On the way home we took a turn toward the movies and surprised Belle.  If going alone with both of us wasn't enough, we watched the movie in the theater by ourselves!  It was really great!

Wednesday evenings are usally spend with the leadership of the church plant, but with a snowstorm Andy and I were the only ones who showed up, so we just spent an evening with friends. My brother (my friend) stayed here overnight with us Wednesday to help with all the preparation for Thursday's big meal which we host.  Thankfully, I don't do all the cooking, but we divide up the meal and everyone brings part of it so no one gets overwhelmed with it.  We had a wonderful gluten/dairy free Thanksgiving dinner with family (and adopted family).

The next few days could be classified as "mom checks out" because I was gone for at least part if not most of every day.   I woke up early (7am is early on a non-school day) and spent  a day of  surprisingly fun black friday shopping with my Abby and a girlfriend with her baby.  Saturday I went to a women's tea at my sister's church and had a lovely time with friends and family once again!  I cried a bit as I always do when my talented sister sings, and enjoyed the company of some of the special ladies in my life.  Andy took the girls on a date while I was out and then took me out on one that evening.  Sunday I spent with the women in my mom's family as we gathered for our annual Christmas Tea.  It is always so much fun to get together with them all.  It's the one time of year that we all seem to fit together so well.  I think I appreciate our time because I don't see the rest of the family as much as they see each other.  I also think my eleven years away made me appreciate my family more.  I thoroughly enjoy our time together and appreciate the effort the girls make to do it because it is the only time of year where we can sit and talk about real life with one another.  When there are no husbands or kids pulling at us, we can actually have an entire conversation.  We can laugh and cry together because we're not hopping up to care for a child or grandchild. 

To top things off Tuesday afternoon Ethel (Abby's para & my dear friend) comes home from school to drop of the girls and said, "Did the principal call you?"  My eyebrows furrowed as I cringed at the thought of Nicole, the principal at the girls' school, having to deal with more junk on our behalf. If you read my last two posts you know that we've been dealing with some stuff with the public school who provides therapies for Abby at her school, St. Rose.  Abby is doing awesome in school and loving it.  She's begun to join the Kindergarten class for part of her day and doing really well there.  I saw it as an opportunity for more kids to get to know Abby, and who knows what she may pick up... I'll come back to that!  I so have wanted to sheild our little school from all the ugliness we go through with the public school because they've been so great that we don't expect anything more from them.  Well... get this!  Nicole and the rest of the staff not only care about Abby, but they did this battle for us!  I'm so used to doing these things alone and trying not to stress them (St. Rose) over it that it never occured to me that they'd just fix things.    They went to the "higher uppers," questioned and prodded until they got a solution for Abby.  Nicole got heated up by how "not right" things were and kept going until they clarified their actions and activities.  She got the it resolved without a huge "knock-down, drag-out" like we usually have. 

If that isn't enough, Abby has had a great week.  She's hit two milestones in one week.  Wednesday she followed a point and yesterday she figured out how to put the marker cover back on the marker.  It's a pretty big deal.  Things we've been working on for quite some time. 

I find it borderline humerous to write this last paragraph, but in the spirit of honesty... Andy & I have been fighting discouragement lately.  Go ahead and laugh... we are too.  We're like the Israelites in the desert after passing through the Red Sea on dry land and then complaining that our God isn't able to feed us.  Andy's been consumed with finding a job we can do together with less travel as his appears to be winding down.  We've been trying to encourage those around us as so many we love and care about are affected.  I lack that gift naturally.  We can step back and claim the truth about God's hand in it because we know and trust Him implicitly, but humanly we war within ourselves at the canyon we dwell in.  It's tough to go through these things alone, but when there's a host of friends struggling too it seems over bearing.  We all need to be lifted up, but when we're all surviving we have little to give each other.  We're scraping the bottom of our cups, knowing He alone is capable of filling them to overflowing once again.  We know the truth that we all come out of this better people than we were before, but it doesn't mean our pains won't be deep and painful. 

Back to the book I picked up this morning to read.  Laugh again with me if you will... Today's title was Christian Perfection.  The jest of it was that God isn't trying to make specimens of perfection to put on display like trophies on a shelf.  If we look like we have it all together than others think that's what the Christian life is all about and may become easily discouraged with their own inability to measure up to our (fake) model of perfection.  Our lives should produce a yearning for God in the lives of others rather than an admiration for us.  What should shine forth in my life is a genuine devotion to Him whether I'm well or sick. 

...I read the wrong day, December 2nd instead of 3rd...  funny how that happened :)


  1. Not laughing at you, just smiling with you. :o) Glad some things with Abby got sorted out. I still think it is a sign of true strength when we are honest about our weaknesses and struggles. And God gets all the glory as we work through them.

  2. Loved that part about the Christian life producing a yearning for God in the lives of others. Such a small piece of knowledge, but sooo profound! Needed that.


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