Friday, November 26, 2010

(the good, the bad) and the ugly... round five, I think (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

can you believe how big she's getting?
 I have to start with the ugly since it's first on the timeline.  It's not front and center today as we have had a few days off, but nonetheless it musts come first... I've truly had such a good week overall that I hate to start here, but you won't understand today unless you see my yesterday(s)...

It's tough trying to be open, yet keeping the privacy of those who are part of my life yet don't wish for me to publically display their stuff... even when it collides with mine :)  With that said, I guess it's my way of saying why I haven't posted in a while.  So much of what's up is not my story to tell at this point, but affects my every day.  With so much of our lives revolving around Andy's job situation, church plant happenings and our dealings and that doesn't even touch our family.

School is going well as far as the girls are concerned.  They like to be there, but our contact with Bayview and the Northern Lights Co-op has resurfaced in a negative fashion once again.  I seem to be an eternal optimist and wonder why they can't just leave us alone, and by us I mean Abby.  Can't they see how well she is? 
"Salt and Pepper"
It all started with a therapist who seems to have a grudge against having to visit St. Rose to do therapy.  Obviously, she forgets that her job entails servicing the kids.  Evidently, it's mostly about her in her mind.  It's about what she wants for my child.  I wonder how she'd feel about me whining and complaining about the details of her kids' days, not to mention taking my personal frustrations out on them on occaision.  This "professional" got Abby so upset one day during "therapy" that other staff at the school was not only alarmed, but in tears.  I'd like to see the psychologist who would recommend pushing a 1 1/2 to 2 year old to obtain physical therapy goals. 

Naturally, we've been disturbed over the event, but haven't fully voiced much of it becuase so much has happened since as we lead up to Abby's yearly IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting.  We've been asking questions to find out what's going on and since that day, the guilty party has gone full boar into trying to pull therapy from Abby's school.  It seems like something someone who was guilty would do, right? 

Ethel and Abby in their Halloween costumes

Get this one, parents:  Another therapist sat down with the principal from Abby's school do discuss "privacy issues."  If you're saying, "What the heck?"  you're in the same place as the rest of us.  She is saying that the therapist has the right to upset my child  and no one should be legally required to let me know?  What?  If your homeschooling right now, you're shaking your head and saying, "this kind of stuff is why my kids aren't in the public school system"  My girl just so happens to be in a private school where she is loved and welcomed.  Thank God the girls' school has an open door policy with families of the kids.  We are welcome there anytime! 

I'm getting angry, so I need to take a break.  I'll label this the ugly and work on the good soon.  I've had a really good week.  I spent some much needed time on Monday with some friends and the week continued on a good note from there.  I'm trying to compartmentalize so I'm not completely consumed with the insanity of events described above and able to enjoy other things.  I'm praying for God to show us how to live this life He chose for us.  I don't regret it... none of it!  I'm thankful for the molding process regardless of the heat it takes to get me closer to the person He wants me to be.  I don't want to be another tainted, angry parent.  I've seen those people.  They're weary and worn... and rightly so.  They've seen a lot of pain and hardship and witnessed the ugly in other people far more than most.   The fight has taken their will and joy.  Only He can heal these ongoing pains and prevent them from defining me (us) with anger and bitterness.


  1. Oh, so sorry!! As mommy I am mad with you. Sorry Abby had to go through that. Praying for better days and lots of answers. You have one of the toughest mom jobs I know and you are doing a great job.

  2. That's just awful! I know you kept your anger mild for the sake of the blog, but I'm sure you were fuming. Maybe some good will come of it and Abby will get a different therapist (if one is available?). We have also had therapy issues. Our SLP even complained about us missing a couple of appointments (not understanding that when I say my child is sick, I mean SICK)as though we were just dodging therapy. I also wished she could take one glimpse into our daily lives.


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