Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a big deal!

I told my husband today that I am a big deal in case he had forgotten.  It's kind of a joke now since we both know how big of a deal that I actually am.  I was thinking about that since we've spent the last few days  reminiscing about how big of a deal the Lord is and has been in our lives. 

Andy and I are part of a group who are moving toward planting a church in my hometown of Esko.  My first question was probably yours, "Aren't there already churches there?"  It's kind of ironic that a lot of my family attends a local church, and I have a lot of respect for the pastors there, as the head pastor officiated our wedding.   He agreed as a personal favor because our families have been friends over the years, and the assistant pastor is related to me along with a large percentage of the congregation.  I'm not sure if ironic is the best term, but I'm at a loss for another term.  We don't see it as a competitive church, but as additional warriors in the fight for the hearts and minds of the people there, as well as the surrounding areas.

It's complex, yet simple for me.  It goes to the heart of church planting and the vision associated with it.  It's not about dividing a church when it gets too large, or about a group of quarrelsome church goers desiring to do their own thing.  Many people may not attend a local church that's been around for a long time with all the traditions and such associated with it.  Also, many won't attend a denominational church, as there are, sadly so many negative assumptions and history that scare people away.  People are also drawn to something new and exciting.  A new new church is going to draw mostly those who aren't currently part of a church.  Sure, there are some church hoppers that are just looking for the next thing, and there are some that really are looking for something different.  We are about Jesus and the life changing work He does in our lives as we strive to live as missionaries wherever we are called.  We believe we're all drawn to different people groups for some reason or another. 

Andy and I have a heart for healthy marriages and families, as well as how to survive the two, serving God in the process.   I love ministering to women.  Andy has a heart to help men live out biblical masculinity!   When over half of marriages end in divorce and the ones that make it have a tendency toward mediocrity at best, something has to change.  I'm in a marriage that shares even worse statistics than the typical, as parents of a special needs child enjoy a divorce rate somewhere in the 80% range. 

Our group started meeting a couple of weeks ago.  We were really excited to come together for the first meeting, where we spent the whole time discussing why we shouldn't be there.  Funny topic for a first meeting, but since we started gathering people to pray about planting a church, we've been really hit as a group.  I'm not a "demon behind every corner" sort of gal, but the reality of the spiritual warfare was getting laughable.  Thus, every reason why we shouldn't be there was realistic.  Also, it pointed us all to the reason we were there- Jesus Christ.  If he wants to take a group of battle weary misfits and make himself a church , then He will be glorified rather than us. 

This past week we brightened it up by talking about memorials.  Times in our lives where God showed up.  Times where things wouldn't have been the same if he didn't step in... in a big way!  It was not only amazing to hear everyone's stories, but great to see how much our lives already intertwined with blessings.  I guess it's remained on my mind from Sunday afternoon through church Sunday night, and has continued to dominate my thoughts this week.  I was reminded that God has and still does "move stones."  He performs miracles all the time, but we are quick to forget. 

Take some time this week and reminisce about a time where God showed up in your life in a powerful way!  Share it with someone you love and do something to remember those times.  In the old testament they piled stones for a memorial to remember God's blessings and provision.  My next quest is to make sure I document some of those times, so I can pass them down to my children so they aren't forgotten.

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  1. Sounds really exciting! I pray God blesses you as you move forward in this.
    What a great way to start out a new church - remembering old promises and provision.


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