Sunday, August 8, 2010

the high seas

I heard someone say recently that just because you build your house on the rock doesn't mean you are exempt from the storm (Matt Chandler).  WOW!  It's stuck in my head like a catchy tune all week and then today I can't get "Sometimes He Calms the Storm" out of my head, so I must write.

It's apparent that He's not going to calm our storm, so I found myself all day praying that He would calm his child(ren).  I cannot change my circumstances, but He can change me.  I've often been good about giving Him the proper answer to my prayers, but this time He's got me where He wants me. I don't have any answers.  I'm sure He's shook right about now wondering what to do without my help.  It sounds ludicrous to even say such things, but it's the truth.  I often ask him for help, and tell Him how I want it to arrive and when.

Open handed I stand.  Overwhelmed with decisions that are out of my control.  Taking a sigh of relief knowing He's in control.  It's almost funny how much I'm not worried about some things and how others hold me down and render me useless.

I had a friend tell me she had been trying to filll her cisterns from empty wells.  I've also thought a great deal about that as I find myself doing the same thing.  I have hurts, frustrations and pains; and instead of going to Him I put all my energy one day into controlling the little I can control and clean my house, mow my lawn or weed the garden. When that doesn't work as it is guaranteed not to, I escape by sleeping or watching a movie just to turn my head off.  It's one of my gifts... sleep.  Not exactly a spiritual gift, but the ability to turn things off and rest.

I know He's in control.  I know He has a purpose for everything under the sun.  I know I (we) will come out the other side one day and be better people than we were when we started.  I get the refinement.  I get the journey.  I know I'm not exempt from the storm...


  1. The "Just because you build your foundation on the Rock doesn't exempt you from the storm" has been running through my mind quite often since I heard it too! And it's so true! Just because we build our lives on the solid rock of Jesus doesn't mean every thing is going to be perfect from here on out. But we can rest assured that through those storms God is our refuge and our strength and he is always the one in control! :D I'm not one who has had to deal with much suffering in my life, quite the opposite actually, I've been very very blessed and to listen to this series on suffering is a blessing in that I can better prepare myself for possible future sufferings.

  2. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment. We are all so deeply connected with our kids...that empathy creates an instant bond. It will be fun to get to know your family and your "Abby":) (I have an Abby too!)


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