Sunday, January 3, 2010

The choice

Did it ever occur to you that livin in the most affluent nation in the world means that we have to "choose" to serve the Lord or not.  In many places walking with the Lord is survival, but here we have a host of options from people around us to the ever growing popular choice, the government.  Going hungry doesn't really happen unless food is witheld from someone who cannot help themselves.  We don't have that many real "needs" as far as survival goes. 

Whether you believe that God "chooses" you for salvation or you choose Him, you must decide to serve Him or not on a daily basis.  If you're living "the good, easy life" did it occur to you that you chose the easy road?  Not that it's always burdensome to follow the Lord, but it isn't usually the easier choice.  Sure there are many theological roads I could take here, but setting that aside think about it.  There are bigger blessings and I'd rather be in His will on a tougher path that out of it on an easier one, but reality is, saying "yes" is often initially more difficult.  I look back at our lives and saying no to some things might've saved us a lot of pain and suffering.  We also would've been way too normal and unblessed, but less stressed nonetheless. 

How many times do we hear that small voice & ignore it or say, "you must be kidding!"  I think your telling me to do something crazy so I'll assume it's my own head talking and let this one slip.  Or have you ignored that voice so much that it's no longer there?  You're reading this and wondering what in the world I'm saying.  That is my biggest fear... to not hear the voice of the Lord through my coldness... to be cut off... To not be tempted because I'm not doing anything.  Why attack someone who's out of the game?

When I'm going through a tough patch How can I know if it's discipline for my sinful, selfish humaness, attack of the enemy to get me out of play, or the result of an evil world full of sin?  Walking with the only one who can answer those questions.  submit to the discipline that refines me and allow Him to smooth those edges.  Change.  Make those tough changes.  Go when he says go; stay when He says stay; and wait when He says wait.  When attacked pull out the armour he gives.  The sword of the Spirit, helmet of salvation (we win remember), breastplate of righteousness, truth, gospel of peace, faith, word of God & plenty of prayer (Eph 6).  "We wrestle not against flesh and blood..."  We also have pain and suffereing because of the choices of others in a fallen world.

How we respond in each instance, regardless of the reason, is who we are... who we are willing to become.  I'm currently hiding in the kitchen on the floor by the dishwasher (the gates up and no one can see me or get to "mommy" here) with my Word of Truth, Ipod playing in my ears (praise songs), pen & paper and a large cup of coffee with whipped cream.  "I don't want to go through the motions..." by Matthew West is playing.  At what cost to me will I avoid going through the motions?  Given the opportunity will I really give... everything.

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