Monday, January 25, 2016

What I Love About You at 15

What I love about you at 15...
  1. My beautiful blondie, you have no idea how lovely you are. 

  2. The crazy screeching you make in the morning when you're happy.
  3. Your smile that still lights up a room.
  4. Your toys... they may be the same for over a decade and hard to find, but I'm so overjoyed that you can be content with something, even if it's the same thing.
  5. THE NEW HUG! Two handed and sort of scary because sometimes it's a hug but other times it accompanies a nibble, pinch and/or hair pull. (I guess this one is hard to come by and even harder to capture in picture).

  6. How you totally don't mind the restraints you need.  Even though I am used to them, it still pierces my heart a bit that you need them to protect yourself and those around you.
  7. The new complete cover up at night. You've just learned this past year how to pull up your covers and I love that I don't have to worry about you getting cold all night. Nice timing, by the way, as we now live in the South.
  8. "The St Bernard who thinks she's a chihuahua act". I still giggle when you plop onto an unsuspecting lap!
  9. The long kiss. It sounds funny, but it's so cute that you choose to be so close to my face without getting uncomfortable.  
  10. How you love time with both Mom and Dad.
  11. sleeping on my face. The cheek-to-cheek sleep position is absolutely precious. Nobody knows this better than Ms Danielle! 
  12. Taking me to where you want me.  I love that you come and get me (or a sissy) and lead me back to your room for a cuddle
  13. I love when I startle you and you giggle!  You have the best laugh and there's something special about the unsuspecting laugh that I love.  I think it's the shared moment that I treasure.  You live so largely in your world that I love when mine connects with yours. I love to walk by your room and yell "Peek!" You smile every time.
  14. I love the "sort of uncomfortable" grin you give when you get "surprise" hugged. I can't quite figure out if you like it or don't like it. 
  15. Handing me the phone to play your veggie tales kills me! It shows a new thought process and requesting skill that gives me hope that someday you will communicate your needs better.
  16. I love the way you light up when someone you know and love shows up. 
  17. Holding my hand. It doesn't happen often where you'll hold and not dig those teenie nails into my hand, but when you do it makes my whole day.  For a girl who we didn't know would walk, it still takes my breath away to be able to walk beside you. 
  18. The "bad food" face.  (Note to mom: try to capture this one for posterity)
  19. The relief at getting back to your room after being gone. Pure contentment.
  20. The look when you see Grandma/Grandpa and Nanny/Papa. You know your people and can pick them out in a crowded room. 
  21. Seeing you with your friends  You love your friends and it warms my heart. Even after being apart for over a year, you saw your buddies and lit up!
    Abby LOVES Mrs Smith at school (her shadow)
    Abby wouldn't leave Heidi's side when she saw her at church. Just sat there and grinned the whole service!
  22. The puzzled look on your face when you hurt someone.  I'm grateful you don't enjoy it.  Your confusion helps us deal with the pain you can inflict.  
  23. I think you're smashing Auntie here.
  24. When you love on your sisters. 
    The head butt and stare down... evidently, it's the thing to do at 18mo. They're at the same age here.
    A rare moment of peace without the powerful left hook or jugular lock
    This reminds me that Happy Abby exists when I forget
  25. This is more realistic
    24.  Backward pajamas... large onesies... gluten free Chex and now Cheerios!

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