Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Help me find these Christmas gifts for Abby

Disclaimer: This is truly a mass request to just keep your eyes open.  I don't want or expect anyone to go out and purchase these items.  They will be used and abused and I really just want to find them used and more eyes are needed to find them :) Thanks! 
Here's happy abby... this extreme happy is from seeing Mrs Molly for the first time in a year and a half,
but you get the idea, right?  This is what we're going for :)
Shopping for Abby is such a "needle in a haystack" thing because her stuff is either hard to find or has to be searched for, bid on, won and shipped from ebay.  Then we hope for it to arrive in decent shape.  It's usually really not any easier or cheaper either.  I don't mind spending a bit, but Abby abuses her toys which causes them to die prematurely, so I hate to pay too much. Some of her things can no longer be found in a store.  Board books are the same.  I can usually find most of them new on ebay or Amazon, but she eats them.... awkward, I know.  Please don't send me a message about teaching her to use them properly because she's fourteen and it's total oral stimulation.  We've done everything we can think of over the
Professional pic brought to you by patient and amazing photographers, as well as xylophone puppy
years to use other appropriate toys for this purpose, but as to date we have had no luck.  Sending us "chewelry" or chew toys is really just a waste of money because she tosses them across the room.  Yes, we've even tried pet toys... I might as well admit it otherwise some well intentioned friend will pack up a bunch and eventually they will just go to the neighbor dog.  Just a quick reminder that she functions around one to two years of age.
Fleece footed or no feet pj's are great too because she doesn't always keep covers on, and her new
pastime of finger painting after getting out of her pajamas... ARGH!  She wears a kids XL or a women's small.
As you can see character ones double as halloween outfits... BONUS!

We've decided Chistmas is the time for the kids to get some of the things they want and also what they need.  She both needs and wants these items.  If you could see her light up when we replenish a toy that has been gone for awhile, you'd be moving Heaven and earth like we do to get her one.  Her last See 'n Say she carried around with her for the better part of a week.  Once
Please don't get the new Leap Frog Alphabet pal... she hates it!
again, I can Amazon and ebay, but like to have friends who are unloading a certain toy, headed for a charitable donation to pass it our way instead.  The easiest thing to do is to send me a text on a price and I'll let you know if it's a good deal or not.  I'm not opposed to reimbursing someone :)  We'll also planning to be in GA for Thanksgiving and my mom is coming from MN to us for Christmas in case you have something to send (snail mailing toys is expensive... don't even think about it).  We will also likely be visiting both places by RV in the summer.
Cloning device... if we could clone this one, it would be a happy day.  I think Abby
would like to permanently be attached to her lap as she sang to her... lovely voice :)
Also, I'm posting pics of EXACTLY what she wants.  She adores the puppy xylophone but if you bring her the crocodile... it will be dead to her and painful for us as she thinks it will turn into the puppy if she throws it enough.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a great book in
Waterproof mattress pads.  Water resistant aren't the same thing :)
NOTE: her new skill of covering herself... not perfect but improving!
paper form, but she will never touch it or she will rip it like she does all paper.  You can't imagine all the well intentioned folks over the years who have brought us Larry Boys that don't sing her song... someone got hit because it :(   We know her behavior isn't acceptable, but there are precious few things that keep her attention and buy me time to do lavish things like... shower or make dinner :)  Get the point?  Relatives in MN or GA will be happy to collect for us. I haven't exactly actually asked but I'll go out on a limb and volunteer them :)
Happy Abby in the RV surrounded by her toys!
Most people in our lives LOVE Abby having her toys as much as we do!!!
tigger board book

she really likes any usborne touchy feely books, but she is partial to this one,
the dolly and curly or rusty... I don't know why?  I know they sell these still but was looking to spend in the  <$4 range.
I also won't return the ruined ones because I know they will replace them because
we don't consider Abby's use of them "regular wear and tear" 

she still likes the kitty best (Becky Gorghuber)! Also, she plays with the white
version of this, but not the bigger ones with the pull lever... No! Just no!

This one is tricky.... how can I put it nicely...
15 years... we've tried.  If it's not Larry and it doesn't sing "A thankful heart"
She won't even give it two seconds.
This is why I ask for help :)

The guitar is what we're looking for; although shipping Ms Erin here would
get some serious excitement around here too!

I sound like a broken record here, but I hate when the sweetest
people in the world go to the trouble to find abby something
special and it's the wrong thing.  She only likes this veggie board book... & the other one
pictured below.

Whatever med they gave her here in bulk!  She was sooo sweet and giggly! J/k we
really haven't needed to medicate her lately because she's been so awesome!

The book is Somebody Bigger than I. I usually have to Amazon this one, but
had to include the pic with our favorite person, Ms Danielle!

The other acceptable Veggie Tale BOARD book

Trampolene.  We loved or trampolene in MN but left it because it was held together with duct tape.
Look at Abby's love for Danielle... LOVE This pic!
large water wings are always appreciated, but it was the pool I was looking for...
you never know until you ask, right?  
Hopefully sweet Banks doesn't pick up any other Abby-isms like eating books
Shortalls... 14/16 or women's small
Here's a lovely collection by the sweetest Ms Heidi.  She finds them like she's drawn to
them the same way Abby is drawn to her!
cloning device would be nice for Nanny too... Abby is obsessed with her.
We need extra hands just to dislodge Abby from her.

And some random odds and ends that you might stumble upon:

  1. Size 12plus (also shown as 12+,12 1/2) clothes.  I can find them but they're not common.  She destroys her clothes which is why I prefer to get them cheaply.  She's done growing, so forever 12 :)  She also can wear a 14 sometimes.  
  2. adult bibs
  3. long AFO socks
  4. sz 12 bike shorts 
Abby thanks you in advance :)  She may hug and kiss you if you stop by, but not everyone is Mrs Jill!!!  

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