Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I Love About You at 14

What I LOVE about Abby at 14

    I LOVE... 

  1. Her morning delight continues to be on the top of the list of things I LOVE about Abby!  No matter how rough she has been, mornings are truly a clean slate and I always feel hopeful when I see her morning happiness. It is a gift to start each day with a smile.  I am not naturally a happy morning person; but no matter how tired I am, mornings with her always perk me up :)
  2. Her new fondness of change.  Once again against all odds and every study on special needs children needing routine and consistency, she likes change.  I can't figure out if it's the change that freezes her or if she needs time to figure things out, but she is soooo great after a big change.  Now, how to keep changing things up... hmmm?
  3. She still doesn't see gender, race, ethnicity, big/small, tall/short, disabled or able bodied... she smiles equally for everyone she sees. 
  4. Her joy borders on crazy these days, but her smile and giggle that we see daily is amazing!  If we could only get her to stop hurting everyone within arms reach in her happiness, we could fully enjoy her presence.  
  5. She LOVES BIG!  She will navigate around the end table and anything in her way to sit and cuddle mom and dad! Or in this case Nanny & papa!  Nanny was like a homing device.  We had to hold her back or she would've permanently attached herself to nanny!
  6. She adores mom and dad together by herself!  All the attention does make a difference.  
  7. She has started to embrace some new books that have been lying around in the closet for months... maybe years.  All of a sudden she will walk into the room clutching a new book and it will accompany her wherever she goes until it is ripped to shreds or eaten.  
  8. Her understanding of safety concerns such as the drop down in the living room.  It's nice to let her free roam a bit and super cute to see her navigate it in slow motion!
  9. Whenever she sees Baby Millie she bends down to kiss her.  It's the sweetest thing!
  10. The way she watches Millie's antics with such interest sometimes.  It's almost like she "gets her" as she talks gibberish and does random things.  She often smiles at her and reaches out to her.  She loves to find her big sister and talk to her when she's in bed.
  11. She reaches out to touch anyone around her.  It's like she's trying to give "high fives" to everyone she passes.
  12. The way she leans your head into people for a hug is absolutely precious.  Her hair pulling & pinching often keeps people at arms length, but when she doesn't need that input and just wants to be close she seems so content to get big hugs.
  13. FaceTime!  I think she totally recognizes people on FaceTime.  She leans in to kiss Grandma and smiled, seemingly talked back when Grandpa sang to her.  It make our world so much smaller and it makes me smile that her understanding seems to continually be increasing. 
  14. She thinks all electronic devices should be playing her Veggie Tales all the time, and if they happen not to be, they will be tossed (this is why I have a lifeproof case... LOL!)
  15. She realizes her sisters exist and she loves when they give her attention.  She grins from ear to ear when Belle squeezes her or when MaryAlice tickles her.  MA's "tickles" seem to hurt the rest of us, but you most often giggle.  I'm not sure if it's her antics while tickling you that crack you up or if her bony fingers actually tickle you!?!?
  16. Her new "duck quack" noise!  I'm so accustomed to all her weird noises that a new one seriously makes me laugh as I instinctively look around to see where it came from before I remember it's Abby!
  17. The "back up" to sit on someone's lap.  She reminds me of a bus that is backing up with it's lights flashing and beeping noise because she's so slow and deliberate when she sits on a lap.  I like to say she's a St. Bernard who thinks she's a chihuahua!  Such a toddler thing to do, and so funny with a fourteen year old body.  

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