Thursday, October 2, 2014

crazytown happy... in case you needed a good laugh!!!

not sure why I can't get her smiling lately... she's happy, I promise :)

One of the beauties of blogging is communicating to a lot of people at the same time, but one of the weaknesses is miscommunication...
I've been asked why Abby is so angry?
She's not... weird, huh?
She's actually CRAZYTOWN happy! (most of the time)
It can be kind of creepy to be attacked by a giggly girl (if you're not used to it), but because we've had "angry Abby" in our lives before, we adore this happy one!  The pain gets old and I do have to walk away or put her in her bed for "time outs"... for everyone's safety, but she is certainly happier in general than she's been in a long time.  She's been content on and off, but really joyful is pretty new.
She smiles, giggles and belly laughs...
while she attacks and destroys stuff.
Abby is like a perpetual walking party!!!
the beauty of this pic is Belle is actually able to hug her!
She dances and giggles just about everywhere she goes!  Sams Club Abby is like a walking (riding) Unicef card!  She dances with her biggest smile and reaches out to EVERYONE!  People are dangerously drawn to her!  How can you walk by and ignore a cute girl in a wheelchair when she's smiling from ear to ear and reaching out like she wants to shake your hand?  You'd have to be pretty hard hearted to walk by.  I cringe everytime someone takes her hand.  I try to be an ambassador for special needs on most days, but somedays I am tired of teaching people how to interact and...
act surprised when she hurts them...
Don't judge!  I need a little humor in my life too!  We all have our entertainment and strangers are sometimes mine :)  I used to get the most amusement when Abby would walk up to the college boys at church (especially in the fall when a new crop of unsuspecting students would come).  She'd walk up to a circle of boys and stand there and stare... They may try talking to her, but with her non verbal "children of the corn" look she'd just stand there and stare! 
You can't pay for that kind of entertainment, folks!!!!  Especially when she'd dig her nails into one of the big football player types.  I eventually would intervene (as if I hadn't noticed she walked off), but this is my sense of humor... I've told you before you can't live this kind of life and not be changed... I admit I'm not totally right sometimes!
Back to party Abby...

It's sometimes like she's throwing confetti at a party the way she tosses stuff.  It's almost as if she doesn't know what to do with herself as she paces around, so she picks anything that's not nailed down and either drops it (for sound?) or throws it across the room.  Now get her in a restaurant that has fries or chips and it's basically Christmas morning!!!  She's happy as a clam (as long as they keep her chips or fries a' coming)! 
She finds any paper and tears and rips it to shreds as well.  She seems really destructive to those who leave things out... okay, it is destructive and it annoys me in my house, but it makes me laugh when we're out and she grabs a paper out of a stranger's hands and proceeds to tear it!  
(I shouldn't admit these things!!!)
I told Belle if she left her homework out it would be really awkward to have to go to school and try to tell your teacher your sister ate your homework... ha!
once again, I wish I could capture how happy she is on our walk down to the bus every morning!
  I'm also pretty proud of the functional clothing cuteness I found for my hard to fit gal who needs to stay out of her diaper :)
Bring a visitor here and it's an instant carnival!  Abby sings, dances and appears to be strangely attached to the visitor.  She leans in for an awkward hug often within minutes!  She's been great at weeding out potential PCAs as they either embrace her or stumble over themselves to get away.  Abby has no regard for personal space.  She's like the St Bernard who thinks she's a Chihuahua and plops onto a lap without warning.  She used to do a slow back up (like a bus), but not anymore.  She just sits down nonchalantly as if it's totally normal. The love usually comes with some pain, but it's definitely not unually intended.  She wants to interact... with everyone... all the time.
Thus, seeing her restrained is tough on me... not so much on her at this point.  I really don't think she minds it all that much.  She can't grab anyone, but she can move her arms at least a foot so she still can play and snack.
It just hurts my heart to need it...  
There it is.  Just in case you didn't think restraints were unusual enough... an extremely happy girl being restrained is even a bit worse.  The poor teacher who opened Abby's door by accident in car line saw WAY more than she bargained for.  Her look of horror and subsequently masked pleasantry was priceless!  Luckily, I was on the phone with my sister who could share the moment with me...

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