Thursday, May 22, 2014

IEP 2014/2015

We just had a meeting, but I hadn't even looked at the IEP because I thought it wasn't fair to critique a plan they put together for my gal they barely knew.  I also knew it would take time for them to get to know her and for her to be herself.  I sat down the night before the IEP meeting and pulled it out to see where we were at...

Check this out...

I was trying to find a way to not mock this, but is that possible?  I'm hoping there's some special ed terminology comparison that architecture and construction mean something totally different than Abby designing and building anything, but for your entertainment I'll give you a minute to take that in and laugh out loud if necessary... ie: you know Abby well enough to know she prefers the demolition side of things- inside and outside!

The IEP meeting started off on the wrong foot as two of the therapists just didn't show up.  I wasn't notified or else I would've rescheduled because they were the two we wanted to talk to the most.  But  I realize things are different from place to place, but proposing 15min of indirect therapy for a kid like Abby is simply a waste of time.  Abby has just recently started looking at the person who is talking to her.  This is a huge developmental stage and worthy of pursuing some sort of goals with communication and daily living strategies.  She'll look at you!  That's huge!  We should throw a party!

I couldn't love the teacher in the room more.  She has been developing a nice protocol for Abby to increase her attention span and do a purposeful activity.  She's up to getting her to sit and do "work" for 15 min at a time with 10min breaks in between.  That's super exciting, but along with that progress she still wants to tear things up.  We all believe it's sensory seeking, which means she needs OT to help with some sensory strategies.  She's also just started using her communication device.  She literally has been pressing which snack she wants and looking at me for it!  She carries it around with her and giggles.  Ethel must be rejoicing knowing all that persistence and repetition is finally paying off!  I just wish she was here to see some of the fruits of her labor! This is huge progress in Abby world!  Huge progress that we haven't seen in years... years!

We want to capitalize on what Abby is doing rather than see her chronological age and throw her away.  That's what I felt like as I sat there listening to the adaptive PE explain her wonderful program she will be doing... first semester... but never again.  Yes, you heard me right.  Abby is in High School now and will get one credit of PE... forever!  What the.....?  I'm not ready to settle on her forever capacity when I see her making progress.  We haven't had much progress from her in a very long time.  We had hoped the repetition would pay off, but we hadn't seen a lot in that direction until now!  
Did I mention that camp she can't go to was for kids under 12... 
The timing of this IEP after finding she couldn't be in that camp, wasn't so great to put it nicely.  It was hard to ask them what the heck they were doing without sounding totally rude.  I'm extremely sarcastic and that is not a good thing when I'm angry.  I think I did pretty well considering (Andy said so, and he's not one to pull punches).  I asked questions and proposed solutions when on the inside I was FIRED UP!  
That's my girl!  Just because she's 13 doesn't mean she is done.  She can progress!  
The past couple days I've battled guilt over not being able to do more with her myself.  In the past, I would've just come up with a new plan and executed it.  I could've gotten my girls (PCAs) on board and they would be working on these things with Abby this summer, but I know I cannot.  I have three others that need a mama too.  I can't be therapy mom.  I can't haul three sisters around town all summer either from one therapist to another. Our lives revolve enough around Abby and Millie that I can't create ways to increase it.
I don't know the answer here, but we'll sleep on it and let the the Lord take the lead.  I'm out of ideas so I lay it down and back away.  I'm not recommending HIM as a last resort, but admitting that's what I do ALL TOO OFTEN.  I'm a work in progress... Abby's a work in progress... He has a plan for her life... with us... all summer.  Scared in my humanity, yet excited in my growing faith to see what He will do.

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