Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Falling into place: part 1- friends

I've spent the majority of past five months in a fog.  I've been so overwhelmed with all the changes in our lives that I've been living day-to-day and barely making it at that pace.  There are so many loose ends that still need to be tied up after leaving and so many details with moving to a new state with four kids, two with significant medical needs.  I feel in some ways on some days, lighter as we got rid of sooo much "stuff", but heavier with the burdens of "must get done" looming overhead.  We seem to be checking items off our lists but often slower than I'd like.  Some folks are uber impressed with all that that's accomplished since moving and others look at us like, "Where have you been?"  I guess the second group has no idea about our story, but it is frustrating to give it in a readers digest version all the time.  Sometimes I want to just be me, rather than the "this is why I might be a bit overwhelmed by your two hour wait" or "filling out three complete school enrollment forms is putting me over the edge"  They don't understand until I tell them, right?  But it's the telling that is exhausting me.

What are really the most amazing things that have happened in the past couple months?
Some background... 
Andy "randomly" met a gal who recently adopted a child with special needs from Uganda, and she has been helping me meet people and get connected in a variety of related arenas.  We hadn't actually sat down to visit until we met last week with a couple other gals who have children with special needs and are fairly new to the area just like me!  The meeting (dessert) with some gals... I have to admit (due to my doubting and tired self) I didn't want to go because I had a bad attitude.
There... I said it.
I hate to say it aloud because that makes me really naughty (I've been spending too much time with the kids... it's the only word that came to mind).  "Lord I believe (you can direct my path)... please help my unbelief."  I actually cried before I left because... long story and irrelevant now, but need to paint the picture of my grief before leaving.  I actually pulled into the parking lot before the other gals and the lot was empty!  For some reason it was closed.  If someone hadn't shown up quickly I might've bowed out.  I know what you're thinking, it wasn't that big of a deal and I was being dramatic...
you're right :)
One gal has lived in Florence all her life (or at least for a long time), the other one had moved here abut two years ago, and the third one has been here only since August.  One has three girls, two adopted out of foster care, two with special needs and get this... she home schools!  Another has one girl and has done foster care too!  I have to admit that I sat there most of the night in a daze of bewilderment.  The more we talked, the more we had in common...
crazy in common!
One even has a girl in the middle of the other two with special needs... just like my Belle!  What beautiful women and what a blessing!
I've had a couple women tell me that the Lord has gone before me here...
the were right
"Lord I believe... help my unbelief"
Abby with a couple who care for her during church on Sundays.  I found this pic on our church's FB page :)

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